Siblings {December}

siblings dec

We made it!!!!!! Managed to snap at least one photo of these four together every month…. I think… Let me check… Yup I got ’em all!

This picture was taken this evening at our annual go see the lights trip at the Shrine of La Salette.

Yes, it was “warm” and “soggy” (foggy) and No, Zachary isn’t wearing shorts. He was climbing all available stairs and having a blast getting muddy.

I’m looking forward to continuing this project next year, especially as we’re adding to the group. But it’s also been really fun to find moments when these guys are hanging out together (which basically is all the time). It’s also been fun seeing everyone, but especially Z grow bigger as this has been most of his first year.

If you’ve not tried this sort of project before I’d highly recommend. It’s not too hard, especially if you don’t expect 100% perfect studio quality results every time. But I’ve found in looking back that it’s just so nice to see them together, in their messy, every day, real-life world. And to be honest, I’ve found that cell phone snap shots have sometimes been the perfect thing 🙂


This post is part of a project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Intro’s here

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