#holylens for Theme Thursday

I mentioned yesterday that I had a few more thoughts on Advent. Mainly that translated to what I’m doing for Advent personally. The honest answer is not much. I had a devotional or two that I was planning on working my way through, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

One thing I have been trying to make a priority is to get the daily Scripture readings done (I use the Blessed is She devotions, sent to my phone because it’s super easy and the devotions are not so full of theological profoundness that I can’t keep up at 6:00AM – not to say there isn’t a place for those profound thoughts, but my little brain has a hard time keeping up so early…)

Anyways aside from that I’ve been participating in Abbey’s Holy Lens project, mostly on instagram (but here’s the link to the FB group page if you’d like to jump in over there.).

I *try* not to overthink the whole thing, but sometimes I do… I love the idea of finding a simple everyday moment or thing that turns my attention to Our Lord, and usually causes me to remember what was read in the readings for the day.

So, without further ado my #holylens photos so far this week:


For stopping.. or slowing down as may more often be the IRL case of this particular sign… But a sign nonetheless that this is the season of waiting.



It’s a book – there are words – I didn’t have any “great insight” for this prompt



I’m pretty sure this was a prompt last year, and I’m pretty sure I used this same plant. It’s the only one I can even remotely see the roots of. And I like the new shoots coming off one of the older ones.

“root of Jesse” and all that.



Honestly don’t remember what any of the scripture readings were on this day (so I had no tie in), but we had a full breakfast and were very satisfied with it.



All day, I thought the prompt was stone {*shrugs shoulders*}. I just have this image of everything resting on the rock that is Jesus and I hope to be reminded of that as I daily step over these little rocks that are in our driveway.


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Week one of Advent ~ a p,h,f,r post

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Testing… testing… 1.. 2… 3…

This thing still work?

Ok, good. Been a little while since I’ve posted anything other than strictly photo posts. And, well, actually I guess this post is a photo post too, but maybe it’ll be just a little more than “here’s a picture – have a nice day” type of post.

It’s a good thing Advent is a season of waiting and preparing for the feast of Our Lord’s Nativity because if I had to have everything done as of Nov. 29 I’d of failed. I’ve really been thinking of doing a little bit more in, say, the decoration department, on specific holy days/feast days (For example: decorate the tree on Gaudete Sunday). But, nothing is set in stone there, or organized in my mind, so we’re just kinda winging it over here and trying to not do too much at once.


phfr advent 1

This is going to be our Christmas Tree this year. It stands maybe 3ft tall. It’s propped on a coffee table pushed against a window in hopes that Z. (age 13 months, and totally into everything toddler-ish) will not do too much damage to it.

The story of this tree: It was pulled out of the basement at the apartment we used to live at (about five years ago). Before that it had sat in said basement for a few years and before that I don’t know… It used to have functioning fiber-optic lights (which stopped spinning last year and died completely this year). It also used to have a strand of normal colored Christmas lights, which also stopped working this year. So…. I took off the old regular lights (which were clipped on???) and restrung it with the white lights. {I guess this could fall into the “real” category}

Anyways, at night it looks nice. And once we get all the ornaments on I’m sure it’ll look just fine 🙂

phfr advent 1-7

Oversized wreath, adding cheer to our living room. Thank you Jesus for friend’s daughters wanting to earn a few extra dollars by helping out around the house and who are willing to straddle radiators and tables and put screws in the wall the old-fashioned way (with a screwdriver).

I think I may put a few decorations on it, but… I don’t know yet. I’m enjoying just looking at it for the time being. Also, it’s “real” evergreen so it adds a nice Christmas-y smell.


phfr advent 1-3

This week I started “circle time” in our homeschool. This is a loosely formed idea about spending a chunk of time first thing in the morning doing literature reading, Scripture reading, memory work… things like that.

So far we’ve managed to get to our read-aloud book all days and we’re set to finish it tomorrow (which is good because I’ve run out of library renewals). But this set aside time first thing after breakfast has really helped to get the mornings going and it’s also allowed us a chunk of time to spend reading our Christmas picture books.

Last year, I was disappointed that we didn’t really get a chance to read them as much as I wanted to, but this year we’ve already made good headway in getting to books on the stack.

This time has also allowed us to do our other Advent countdown things:
* Tony Wolf Advent Calendar (this one on Amazon) the kids LOVE it. This is also filling in for our Jesse Tree this year. I guess it doesn’t technically fall under Jesse Tree category, but I’m finding myself needing a break from trying to make that happen this year.
* a seek and find Advent devotional for kids that I’ve had for a few years, but never used. So we’re trying it this year.
* {Ideally} we’d be including our Names of Jesus countdown chain (idea from Abbey @ Surviving Our Blessings) The chain is made, and hung up… and that’s as far as we’ve gotten. But it doesn’t seem like it would take much time so we may do a few double-up days to catch up.
* {Ideally} we’d be doing the Advent calendar that my mother-in-law mailed to the kids. It’s pictured at the end of the post, but I just found it again today after it fell out of the school shelf… oops… so tomorrow!  😉

phfr advent 1-5

We’ve managed to get our candles made and put in a wreath. Most breakfasts and dinners we  manage to get it lit. And I’ve been doing a verse of O Come O Come Emmanuel…. some of the time. Other than that we haven’t managed to do any other prayers or devotionals around the wreath. Although, again, I did just come across a few things I printed out last year… so maybe soon?


I don’t know if I have any “funny” Advent photos yet. And other than Zachary insisting that ALL Christmas books remain on the floor: At ALL Times… I don’t really have any funny stories just yet.


Definitely lots of Real.

phfr advent 1-4

Empty hooks waiting for stockings over our fireplace (and under our Little Oratory – which bonus: is MORE clean now than it was last week)

Also, should be noted that we still only have five hooks up, even though last year we had six stockings (?) and I’d love to add a new hook for the new baby. So… more hooks needed. Soon. Because one of the things I planned on doing on a specific day was hanging the stockings on St Nicholas Day. Just seemed like a good idea…

phfr advent 1-6Errrmmmmmm…… Our Nativity will be going here.

Just as soon as I get the rest of Thanksgiving stuff cleared away.

{Note Advent Calendar waiting to be used}


I have a few other Advent-y thoughts that I’m planning on {much more briefly} jotting down tomorrow. So until then.

Also I’ll put the link in for the Like Mother, Like Daughter {phfr} post in the AM.