Project 366: Week 1 {001-009}

Starting a new photo-a-day for a year project… with a “catch”. This year I’m starting on the actual first of the year so it *should* be easier to track the days and all that. I mean, if I get lost in the counting (like I did several times last year) I can always just look at all the other folks doing the project and assume they started on the first and use their numbers, right?

Anyways… Off we go 🙂

001 – Took the kiddos to see Star Wars. First time at a movie theater for them!
002 – Our Christmas Tree in the early morning. I was feeling the need for some calm and this gave it.
003 – Karl got a very early birthday present (because I “accidentally” had him with when I went to the store). Daddy spent a good hour putting it together.
004 – Zachary figured out what step-stools are for.
005 – I bought myself an Olloclip with my birthday/Christmas money. Macro shot of a US penny.
006 – Breakfast with the only child awake. It was so calm 🙂
007 – More Olloclip fun. Fish eye of a shelf in the dining room.
008 – She was helping him put his shoes on so we could get out the door to the grandparents.
009 – Z. watching as his older siblings (and grandparents) took off for the day.


I have only one goal for this project this year (besides complete it of course!): To use my “REAL” camera more often than the phone camera.
{So far this week: Fail at that goal. Every. Single. Day}
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