Project 366: Week 1 {001-009}

Starting a new photo-a-day for a year project… with a “catch”. This year I’m starting on the actual first of the year so it *should* be easier to track the days and all that. I mean, if I get lost in the counting (like I did several times last year) I can always just look at all the other folks doing the project and assume they started on the first and use their numbers, right?

Anyways… Off we go 🙂

001 – Took the kiddos to see Star Wars. First time at a movie theater for them!
002 – Our Christmas Tree in the early morning. I was feeling the need for some calm and this gave it.
003 – Karl got a very early birthday present (because I “accidentally” had him with when I went to the store). Daddy spent a good hour putting it together.
004 – Zachary figured out what step-stools are for.
005 – I bought myself an Olloclip with my birthday/Christmas money. Macro shot of a US penny.
006 – Breakfast with the only child awake. It was so calm 🙂
007 – More Olloclip fun. Fish eye of a shelf in the dining room.
008 – She was helping him put his shoes on so we could get out the door to the grandparents.
009 – Z. watching as his older siblings (and grandparents) took off for the day.


I have only one goal for this project this year (besides complete it of course!): To use my “REAL” camera more often than the phone camera.
{So far this week: Fail at that goal. Every. Single. Day}
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8 thoughts on “Project 366: Week 1 {001-009}

  1. Zachary has totally got step stools hasn’t he? I wouldn’t worry too much about the camera. The phone is so useful because you have it to hand isn’t it? I do like getting my proper camera out, but for me that usually means going up two flights of stairs.

  2. oooh what a great first film at the cinema to see! My two love Star Wars and we have been twice to see the new one lol! I use the phone camera for almost all of my 365 photos because it is just always there when i need it!
    Lovely photos and lovely to meet you 🙂 x

  3. Loving the Christmas Tree! I made that pact too to use my camera rather than the phone…..still haven’t charged the battery!

  4. We took five of ours to see Star wars, however hubby and the two teens had been on the first showing at midnight, so they could watch it without the siblings asking too many questions! Love the shelf pic, and I always get muddled with the days, so don’t look at mine for the correct one!

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