Outdoors: Z in the snow

The other day we had a literal dusting of snow:

Outdoors- Z in the Snow-4

I realized Zachary had never really been out to explore in the snow, and to be honest I was actually going to take him out, but…. Katherine had his shoes, coat and hat on before I even knew anything was up, so I decided to come along and snap a few photos.

She clearly had no problem with getting right into the icy cold:

For clarity, this is not Zachary’s first snow. He was around last year when we had all that snow in Jan/Feb/March – the time of eternal 4-5foot snow piles (he just didn’t care… or go out…)

Outdoors- Z in the Snow-12

To be honest, I’m not sure he was too thrilled with it. He just kinda kept looking around with a “what is this?” look on his face.

Outdoors- Z in the Snow-5

At one point he did head over to the door. I thought he was done.

But while I turned around to get something (don’t remember what it was…) he walked over to the gate as if we were heading out of a walk (one of his favorite things to do)

So we had just one more minute outdoors. Total time spent: less than ten 🙂

Outdoors- Z in the Snow-11

(Yes, this really was the last picture I took of the day… No, I didn’t realize he was waving)


Linking over with Theme Thursday: Focal Point. I wasn’t really sure how to interpret the theme for the week. So I decided to make it one big “theme” and focus on this little guys first time to explore the snow. Making weak connections? Maybe. But, I suppose it could work.
{Updated to add, now that I’ve published the post… I probably should have read the links on Micaela’s blog RE: focal points. I guess I sort of did it unintentionally. But, if I should chose my favorite photo(s) for this challenge I pick the three of Z walking back from the gate, as those are really the most where they’re focused solely on him and being outdoors… Next week I shall do better}

Also will be linking with Coombe Mills tomorrow.
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