Outdoors: Z in the snow

The other day we had a literal dusting of snow:

Outdoors- Z in the Snow-4

I realized Zachary had never really been out to explore in the snow, and to be honest I was actually going to take him out, but…. Katherine had his shoes, coat and hat on before I even knew anything was up, so I decided to come along and snap a few photos.

She clearly had no problem with getting right into the icy cold:

For clarity, this is not Zachary’s first snow. He was around last year when we had all that snow in Jan/Feb/March – the time of eternal 4-5foot snow piles (he just didn’t care… or go out…)

Outdoors- Z in the Snow-12

To be honest, I’m not sure he was too thrilled with it. He just kinda kept looking around with a “what is this?” look on his face.

Outdoors- Z in the Snow-5

At one point he did head over to the door. I thought he was done.

But while I turned around to get something (don’t remember what it was…) he walked over to the gate as if we were heading out of a walk (one of his favorite things to do)

So we had just one more minute outdoors. Total time spent: less than ten 🙂

Outdoors- Z in the Snow-11

(Yes, this really was the last picture I took of the day… No, I didn’t realize he was waving)


Linking over with Theme Thursday: Focal Point. I wasn’t really sure how to interpret the theme for the week. So I decided to make it one big “theme” and focus on this little guys first time to explore the snow. Making weak connections? Maybe. But, I suppose it could work.
{Updated to add, now that I’ve published the post… I probably should have read the links on Micaela’s blog RE: focal points. I guess I sort of did it unintentionally. But, if I should chose my favorite photo(s) for this challenge I pick the three of Z walking back from the gate, as those are really the most where they’re focused solely on him and being outdoors… Next week I shall do better}

Also will be linking with Coombe Mills tomorrow.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

5 thoughts on “Outdoors: Z in the snow

  1. sometimes 10 minutes is all it takes to enjoy a little outdoor fun and breath in the fresh air. I should think after 10 minutes their little fingers and noses were cold anyway! We haven’t had snow in Cornwall for years and my children can barely remember what it is like, I hope we do have some before they are too old to enjoy it, if that is possible! Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  2. Oh, Zachary and the gate are just the perfect focal points picture, at least to my untrained eye. What a sweetie. When we lived in Korea, only the older kids ever got excited about the snow. The little guys were sort of… what the heck?

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