Simplify {TT}

Simplify. Something I’ve been trying to do lately mostly as it relates to “clothes in the house”. There’s just so much. Clothes that are too small. Clothes that are too abundant. Clothes saved for some sewing or craft project (that most likely will not get done… or even if it will, has 10x the amount of scraps of clothes needed to accomplish said project).

I have been slowly going through old baby girl clothes to donate. I thought it would be harder. I thought I would be more sad. I thought I would be sentimentally attached to everything. The first box was the hardest. But I saved only the special things, like Kat’s baptism outfit and a few things that belonged to me (or my mom or MIL) when we were little. It amounted to half a dozen outfits. The next boxes have been even less saved.

It’s been so freeing. Seeing the bags leaving. Seeing the space on the shelves open up. Having it be easier to just walk in the attic… Mentally not having to deal with the stuff. Simplify. Such a beautiful thing.

…Which I was thinking about in terms of photography too, at least a little bit.

I don’t do very well with planning ahead. I mean, I wrote the prompt down on the calendar – because, checking the phone for it just doesn’t cut it at all – and I still wait until “day of” to do the pictures for the weekly Theme Thursday at Michaela’s

Today’s prompt: Simplify.

Should be easy, right?


I took a look around the house, this is basically what I saw…. errrhmmmm… everywhere:


{This is just daily living guys.}
Believe it or not you can see examples of me “simplifying” in this photo.
The coloring pages: saved from last summer for no good reason. Brought out this past weekend, and have been being used up ever since. I plan to not return them to the school shelf.
The candles: broken rejects from the Advent wreath. Burning them at breakfast (and sometimes dinner) just to add a little more “ambiance” to our meals.
{See, simplifying.}

But moving on….

So, instead of cleaning (because who wants to do *that* just to take a few photos?) I decided to see if I could maybe, possibly get something “simplified” out of this chaos.

Miss K. was first:


No edits. Exposure set for her face which {nearly} whited out the background.

Johny was quite a bit more difficult due to where he was sitting (both photos edited a little):

Karl’s was my favorite of this little impromptu photo-shoot:


No edits.

Anyway, there you have it guys. A blog post with a few more words than pictures, a rarity these days.

What “simplify” photos or things do you have this week?

2 thoughts on “Simplify {TT}

  1. Congratulations on simplifying! Keep it up! And pray for me. I procrastinate. I need to simplify. Not clothes but PAPERS, MAGAZINES, NEWSLETTERS.


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