Outdoors: Z in the snow

The other day we had a literal dusting of snow:

Outdoors- Z in the Snow-4

I realized Zachary had never really been out to explore in the snow, and to be honest I was actually going to take him out, but…. Katherine had his shoes, coat and hat on before I even knew anything was up, so I decided to come along and snap a few photos.

She clearly had no problem with getting right into the icy cold:

For clarity, this is not Zachary’s first snow. He was around last year when we had all that snow in Jan/Feb/March – the time of eternal 4-5foot snow piles (he just didn’t care… or go out…)

Outdoors- Z in the Snow-12

To be honest, I’m not sure he was too thrilled with it. He just kinda kept looking around with a “what is this?” look on his face.

Outdoors- Z in the Snow-5

At one point he did head over to the door. I thought he was done.

But while I turned around to get something (don’t remember what it was…) he walked over to the gate as if we were heading out of a walk (one of his favorite things to do)

So we had just one more minute outdoors. Total time spent: less than ten 🙂

Outdoors- Z in the Snow-11

(Yes, this really was the last picture I took of the day… No, I didn’t realize he was waving)


Linking over with Theme Thursday: Focal Point. I wasn’t really sure how to interpret the theme for the week. So I decided to make it one big “theme” and focus on this little guys first time to explore the snow. Making weak connections? Maybe. But, I suppose it could work.
{Updated to add, now that I’ve published the post… I probably should have read the links on Micaela’s blog RE: focal points. I guess I sort of did it unintentionally. But, if I should chose my favorite photo(s) for this challenge I pick the three of Z walking back from the gate, as those are really the most where they’re focused solely on him and being outdoors… Next week I shall do better}

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Project 366: Week 1 {001-009}

Starting a new photo-a-day for a year project… with a “catch”. This year I’m starting on the actual first of the year so it *should* be easier to track the days and all that. I mean, if I get lost in the counting (like I did several times last year) I can always just look at all the other folks doing the project and assume they started on the first and use their numbers, right?

Anyways… Off we go 🙂

001 – Took the kiddos to see Star Wars. First time at a movie theater for them!
002 – Our Christmas Tree in the early morning. I was feeling the need for some calm and this gave it.
003 – Karl got a very early birthday present (because I “accidentally” had him with when I went to the store). Daddy spent a good hour putting it together.
004 – Zachary figured out what step-stools are for.
005 – I bought myself an Olloclip with my birthday/Christmas money. Macro shot of a US penny.
006 – Breakfast with the only child awake. It was so calm 🙂
007 – More Olloclip fun. Fish eye of a shelf in the dining room.
008 – She was helping him put his shoes on so we could get out the door to the grandparents.
009 – Z. watching as his older siblings (and grandparents) took off for the day.


I have only one goal for this project this year (besides complete it of course!): To use my “REAL” camera more often than the phone camera.
{So far this week: Fail at that goal. Every. Single. Day}
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Yarn Along ~ Jan 6

Good evening dear blog readers. Thought I’d do a little Yarn Along post. {Really, I’m just trying to jump start blogging a little more regularly again, and the everyday ordinary stuff that I’m doing seems to be what’s gonna work best for the moment}


I guess it’s a little tiny bit hard to make out much detail, but I’m currently reading:

The Count of Monte Cristo (can’t quite tell from this picture, but I’m only at 9% and book club discussions are happening NOW!!!!)
So, just as soon as I finish up Cress, which is getting done – just hard to read when you’re interrupted every other paragraph to answer questions/comments like “mommy, does 4+4+10 equal 13?” {side note: I admire my 5yo for thinking through math questions, the majority of the time he gets them right, but multiple times for this one was just not helping this AM}… anyway, just as soon as I finish that book I’ll be able to focus a little more exclusively on Count.

You know how I said in my reading post a few weeks back that I was only going to try and read the twelve books for the bookclub, plus just a few more? For the year? Yeah, so I have already added two more to the reading list for this month alone. And I can foresee this becoming a problem in future months. Maybe I should make some sort of a plan….

Alright onto my crochet project.

I am attempting to make a baby blanket for the new arrival. The blanket is supposed to be rectangle I promise, just that first chain row somehow has ended up tighter than the following rows so it seems to be turning… Details of the project, I’m using leftover yarn make this. Maybe it seems a little “cheap” to not go and buy new yarn for a new baby, but in all honesty I have SOOOOOOO MUCH YARN, like I’m not even kidding. So I found {hopefully} enough of three colors and am going to try and start using up some of my stash!

Anyways, this is my first ever baby blanket. Totally isn’t hard. It’s not even so repetitive that it’s boring. So all of those are wins!

I started it this early (with just about 11-12 weeks to go) so that I can hopefully bring it with to the hospital for him. 🙂

Anyways, enough rambling for this evening. Joining in with Ginny’s weekly post 


Memories, Dreams, Reflections 2015

I know I have primarily posted photos for the past year, and very minimal in the way of more in-depth content. Just seems to be where I’m at right now. So, enjoy our year-in-review in photos, with just a few tiny little comments thrown in.



I love you

i love you

Road-tripping it this past summer, wearing my sunglasses

Still laughing…

still laughing

… about the time they played in the sprinkler with their goggles on

Winter Wonderland


I really don’t know if I would call it a “wonderland” per se, but…. we did have a ton of snow in the early part of last year. So much so that I would be fine if we kept our totals this year to a minimum.

To be clear, I don’t really mind the snow. I think it’s pretty, and really it’s just a part of living in New England. What I didn’t like about last year was the absolutely horrible job the city (which we pay good money to) did with keeping the roads clear. I mean, they barely even tried.

That, and it lasted a solid eight weeks.

winter wonderland



Probably my favorite birthday party of last year. He was so excited for it to *finally* be his party.



I was inspired…

beer bottlessmall

… to turn beer bottles into a piece of artwork… gosh, I really love doing still-life with textures. Something I should revive in this year!


… and I was inspired to do my first painting/icon

Spring Feverspring fever

can’t wait to see if the plants come up again this year!



Baby on a beach. Rocks and dirty knees. Oh, and a sweatshirt because, New England.

Summer Days

summer days

summer days

Brave grandparents took them paddling, I volunteered staying on shore with the baby…

A Day in My Life

helping at Aldis

Just helping out with the grocery shopping

All Smiles

all smiles

Picking up an Auntie/Sister from the airport after her being away for a year at school!!!

Autumn Harvest


I know, I’ve used this photo multiple times since it was taken 🙂



My side of the family as of January last year. Since then: we haven’t added anyone not pictured, but we did  have a wedding (Simon and Yasie – in the back holding baby Z.) and we’ll be adding another come March. Other than that all the kids have just gotten bigger.



Some days you celebrate raindrops on roses and maybe just the fact that roses bloomed in December

Let’s Do it Again…

from our "first day of school" photos

… annual “first day of school” photo… They keep getting taller and we keep adding babies

I Miss You


“Bye! We’ll miss you!!!”



Wildflower bouquet from one of the little ones

Dress Up

dress up


macroProbably one of my favorite close ups of the year



St Lucia Day during Advent

My Favorite


OK, one of my favorites of us taken this year!

Just Because…

just because

… Christmas lights are pretty

Just Because… some more

just because

…and you really just need more watermelon in your life

Hopes and Dreams for 2016

siblings november-3

{ETA: March 2016}


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