Me and Mine ~ February {a “new” photo project}

Me and Mine

If you’ve been following along this here blog for a while now, you’ve noticed that I try to post monthly photos of all the kids together in the “Siblings” posts.

The same woman who runs that project also has another project called “the Me and Mine” project. And it’s a photo project to take a monthly family photo. I know, I know…. why add yet another photo/blog project to my ongoing photo and blog projects? Well, frankly because I want to.

But, I think it’s more than just that. Every time we go to my in-laws house I spend at least 10-15 minutes looking at their old family photos hanging in the hallways and propped on bookcases in bedrooms. And I LOVE it! I get to see my husband when he was little. And try to guess which one of the kids looks most like one of their uncles or grandparents.

We didn’t have many family photos growing up. And probably even less that were displayed. But I would love things to be different for my own family. And a project like this is a really great motivator to help it happen.

In light of those thoughts, we probably won’t end up with many “professional” photos. So, snapshots it’ll probably have to be.

The one from this month is titled: Everyone decided to jump on mom and dad’s bed and mom decided it would be a GREAT time to try and get a family photo.

This is what most of them actually looked like:

Me and Mine outtake

*shrugs shoulders*

Also, I would love to think this will be the last family photo where there are only six of us 🙂 Which means, probably we won’t be able to use the “jumping on the bed” theme for next month 😉


An ongoing project to take at least one family picture a month…. even if it’s a cell phone snapshot

The Me and Mine Project

A WIWS post

WIWS 2-28

Many thanks to Katherine for taking the photo. Apologies for the closed eyes… for some reason I thought it would be a better idea to stand looking into the sun. Oh well 🙂

The outfit details:
Shoes – back there behind me. It was warm out. I don’t like shoes, so they were off when we came home
{Total side note: I tend to take my WIWS photos after we get home from church, since it’s usually not rushed or anything, but I find that it often leaves me shoe-less}
Skirt – Super comfy long maternity skirt that doesn’t necessarily require tights
Top – Somewhat comfy maternity top. Purple for Lent!
Sweater – Non maternity, kinda too small, but still comfy and nice enough to wear to Mass
Belly: 36 weeks 3 days

There’s also a little necklace, and if you’re looking for technicalities I wore my hair in a pony tale and under a veil during Mass.

Also for reference, I have taken a few pictures over the last few weeks, but never blogged them, so here they are:


I know we’re already three weeks into Lent and all, and to be honest I don’t have a ton of thoughts to put out on the internet this year. I think I knew coming into this year that I wouldn’t be “doing” much. This is the first time I’ve been on this end of pregnancy for Lent and it’s come with a special sort of difficulty and much discomfort. So I’ve found myself trying to offer those things as my sacrifice this year. Taking the “easy” way out? Maybe. But this is what I can manage.

I also keep thinking about a song that was played during Advent: Almost There by Michael W Smith {link to youtube video}

The lyrics are:

Mary, full of innocence
Carrying the Holy prince
You’re almost there, you’re almost there
Mother of the Living Word
Trusting in the voice you heard
You’re almost there, you’re almost there

You’re almost where the angels see
Redemption’s plan unfolding
All hope is in the Son you’ll bear
You’re almost there

A lonely road, a willing heart
Pray for strength to do your part
You’re almost there, you’re almost there
Trust the Father to provide
Bread of heaven prophesied
You’re almost there, you’re almost there

You’re almost where the waiting ends
Delivering the life within
The answered prayer, Emmanuel
You’re almost there

You’re almost where the journey ends
Where death will die and life begins
The answered prayer, Emmanuel
You’re almost, almost there

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about this song a lot. And it’s been “real” in a sense to me because I’m nearing the end of my own pregnancy journey. Now, I’m not Mary and my baby isn’t Jesus, but the line especially Where death will die and life begins has been especially front and center because how much is birth like a kind of death? A passing from the womb into life. My due date is Holy Thursday, one day before Good Friday. One day before we “celebrate” the Ultimate death into life.

That’s been my “to think about” this season. And it’s not an easy one to forget about!


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What I Wore Sunday

Project 366: Week 6, 7, 8 {038-058}

So, I’ve been trying for nearly two weeks to get a Project 366 post up here on the blog. I know there are three weeks worth of photos, but I’ve started in reverse order, so if you want to skip some of the ones from a few weeks ago, they’re all the way at the bottom and easy to skip. I also tried real hard to keep the words to a minimum!

Also, maybe I’m missing something completely obvious, but how does one get their photos to format to all the same size (or pretty close) when using wordpress???? I feel like mine are all over the place size wise. Suggestions? Or does it not bother you?


Week 8 {052-058} This week {21 Feb through 27 Feb}

052 – He wanted “a taco with the white stuff and cheese” (translation: sour cream and cheese)
053 – Pre-breakfast snack #noshame
054 – Zachary eating…
055 – Our Lenten centerpiece. So far it’s survived…
056 – He climbed there by himself.
057 – He sat with daddy and “helped” him play his video game
058 – Our mall had a LEGO Americana display (I think that’s what they called it). This is the US Capitol building, to scale, made with LEGOs.

Week 7 {045-051} Last Week {14 Feb through 20 Feb}

045 – Sub-Zero St Valentine’s Day
046 – Having fun with daddy
047 – Rosary
048 – #bumpphoto (35 weeks-ish)
049 – Attempting to play together
050 – Annual cardiologist visit (all is well, check up again in a year)
051 – And… she got a cut and style, thanks to her Auntie!

Week 6 {038-044} Two Weeks Ago {7 Feb through 13 Feb}

038 – Johny was VERY excited about the Super Bowl!
039 – Skipped…. Oops 😦
040 – Daddy’s early birthday present to himself.
041 – #Clean {as part of the #HolyLens project on IG/FB for Lent}
042 – My dad’s birthday. Z. was mesmerized by all the candles
043 – Z. “helping” Uncle Andrew to put some sheetrock in the bathroom.
044 – Z. peeking at the candles. Again. Mesmerized.


Real camera photos this week: 1 (for the first), 3 (for the second) = 4 total
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Just things… {7QT #28}


In which I attempt to highlight a few things I meant to highlight over the past week, but then lost energy to do and forgot about…

Siblings February

Siblings Feb

Completely forgot to do this post until I saw another blog’s post on the topic show up in my inbox. Whoops. I really do try to make an effort to get at least one photo of them all together every month.

And, these kids and apples. The bag I bought yesterday morning is gone. All gone.

{This portion of the post is part of a project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Intro’s here}

dear beautiful
Cardiologist Update
Katherine had her annual cardiologist visit. EKG and ultrasound. All continues to look good. The main thing they are watching now is the aortic valve. Because of the location of the hole (right under the aortic valve) I guess it *could* cause there to be weakening in the valve and cause there to be back flow of blood into the heart. They didn’t see any of that, but that’s what they’re most “concerned” about. {And I use that word only because I can’t find a less scary word to use}. So we’ll just continue with yearly visits to see if it does anything.
For those that like these details the Z value for her hole is just above 2, which from what I understand is just a little above normal.
Katherine did great. She was most excited to watch “Elsa” during the ultrasound and to get stickers after.

Last Week for Me…

So, I posted on FB asking for prayers that I would be able to sleep because Baby’s position was such that it was nearly impossible for me to lay down.

I should have clarified (because many thought that baby was breech) that baby is already head down, and fully engaged. It seemed to be better from this Sunday night through Wednesday/Thursday night, but then last night things started to get uncomfortable again.

So… we’ll see what happens. There isn’t a whole lot that can actually be done at this point. I may try to get another PT appointment if things get really bad again (there was one day last week where I could barely move), but we aren’t there at the moment.

I had decided at the time to offer these all up for your intentions, so leave ’em in the comments or send me and email (address to the right), or find me on FB or somewhere and I’ll add them to my list!

Also last week…

My grandpa (my mom’s dad) passed away. He passed on Ash Wednesday, which really kinda made the entire Ash Wednesday service seem very real and “in your face”.

I was never horribly close to him, but I still feel his loss. I’ve become closer to my grandmother these last few years and I think I feel more for her loss of a husband of 65 years (please forgive me if I’ve gotten the wrong number of years, couldn’t remember what year you were married).

A cousin of mine put together a video slide show of his life. It can be found here. It’s a little lengthy, but was very nicely done. (His name is Aziel for those that are wanting to pray for him.)

Theme Thursday contribution
With Michaela @ California to Korea


exposure-contrast cherries (orig)


Upped exposure a little bit, the contrast just a little less.
Also upped the shadows exposure and must have added just a little vibrance.

exposure-contrast cherries

As I stated in a previous post, I edit nearly all the photos that pass through the blog. Or, actually anywhere on the internet for that matter.

Micaela was talking about Instagram tips over on this week’s TT post. I actually find that if I’m going to be doing almost any editing on my phone I prefer to use a few different apps VSCO and Snapseed are my first choices, and Little Moments and ABM (A Beautiful Mess) are my secondaries. I personally feel they offer more control than IG, and that’s just a personal preference. But, I like editing. If I’m not going to edit a picture too much I’m more likely to just throw it up to IG!

And just because every now and then your kids do something that makes perfectly good sense…. ????

Now I’m off folks to find my second “after dinner” snack.

And, yes, I know. Totally fudging this last take. But, I’m out of words. And hungry. And tired. So to bed after this 🙂


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Lovely Tidbits {1}

Cristina over at Handmade Embroidery started a little Bullet Journal Linkup, which I thought I’d try. It started last week, but…. last week kinda fell apart (nothing earth shatteringly horrible, but just enough to where I didn’t get the energy to do any blog posts).

But here goes this week, a few little tidbits from me 🙂

Lovely Tidbits1Making: This crochet baby blanket. It’s for the new baby, and I think I’m about a third of the way through. I really should get a move on though because we’ve got just about five weeks left (if the current pattern among my children holds). {Here’s the link to the pattern I’m using}

Cooking: Whatever seems the easiest at the moment. So, for example today we had Nachos made with leftover chili and tomorrow we’re having fish sticks and popcorn shrimp from a box because #Lent, #Friday, #Easy. I have 0 kitchen energy at the moment.

Reading: In This House of Brede by Rumor Godden. Had it on my shelf for a little while now, decided it was time to read (plus I’ve heard it recommended as a good Lenten read?). Enjoying.
How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig. It’s become my “read while eating multiple after dinner snacks”. Also enjoying.
Catechism of the Catholic Church Started last year, fizzled out about halfway through. Restarted this year, so far so good.
The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis outloud with the kids.
Style, Sex, and Substance edited by Hallie Lord. It’s my “read a little section right before bed” book. Also enjoying.
(And I wonder why I never feel like I finish anything….)

Wanting: Honestly I can’t make up my mind at the moment. I have a few dollars of spending money just sitting there, and for some reason, I can’t decide what I want…. I think I really just want baby to be born.

Loving: Being able to sleep laying down. Seriously, guys, you don’t know how AMAZING that is!

Sipping: Water with ice cubes. And sometimes lemon. Would love some lemonade with ice, but remember that whole “lazy kitchen” idea from above? Yeah, it applies to making drinks too…


Bestow on us, we pray, O Lord,
a Spirit of always pondering on what is right
and of hastening to carry it out…

{part of the collect for today}

I came across it while I was questioning something else I was reading and found it helpful in making things seem not quite so overwhelming.

Working On: Getting through the books I’m reading. Keeping on teaching 1st grade homeschool. Keeping up with my 365 366 Project. And the laundry. Always the laundry.