little things that are helping {feb 2016}

little things

What’s keeping me going these days? I honestly hadn’t thought much about it until a post popped up from Modern Mrs Darcy – The things that are saving my life right now… And while I don’t know that I would classify these as lifesavers per se, they seem to be saving my sanity at the moment, so maybe that’s what it means?

Little recap of where we’re at right now: Homeschooling 1st grade (the early grade kids just aren’t getting any official school work right now, no energy from me); 32+ weeks with baby #5, mild-ish winter (with the exception of a few days). Hubby recently on a *hopefully* short lay off from work…

Coffee, first thing in the AM

Now, I know many people use coffee as a “wake up/stay awake” vice, but not me. It doesn’t keep me awake nor make me less tired. (In fact if I drink too much I just get shaky). So I know this is a cliche among mothers, especially mothers of littles (of which I most definitely am), but I really just like to have a nice hot cup of coffee when I first wake up. Mostly because I like it.

Quiet in the AM

To go along with the coffee. Doesn’t happen every day, but when it does…. definitely makes for a bit calmer me.

Cup of tea mid-morning

I mentioned above I can’t really drink a ton of coffee, but I do still enjoy hot drinks in the winter time. I was 99% sure tea was out of the question because it was really making my stomach hurt every time I even tried to drink it. But… then it was recommended that I try an herbal tea. I had conveniently been give some just a few days prior to that conversation so I tried it…. And it wasn’t horrible. Maybe not my top hot drink ever, but, good enough to help get through the school morning. {Again, not because of the caffeine, but just having something nice and warm in my hands while trying to get through the math lesson…}

School work getting easier

Maybe it’s just that we’ve finally managed to figure out how to work together, but school seems to be getting just a little bit easier to manage with Katherine. Maybe it’s her reading skills (which have GREATLY improved since the start of the year) or maybe it’s that she hasn’t been dragging her feet so much about math or maybe it’s that I finally figured out a way to make the history book we’re using work for us…. Whatever it is, I’m glad.


For the kids and for me. Rest time for the big kids and nap for Zachary, who finally may be getting on roughly the same schedule as the bigger ones, which is helping so, so, so much! I’m really needing to have the time to be able to sleep in the middle of the day and it’s been so nice to have that chunk of time available.

Car Seats

Have found out that we probably won’t have to spend quite as much as we first thought we would on new car seats for the kids. (We’ll need them once baby arrives). Pretty sure we found a booster option that’ll work. We’ll still have to pay more than I’d like, but not as much as we initially thought. Which is bringing financial calmness to me.

Hubby helping with dinner dishes

This is probably one of the biggest things that makes me calm inside. I can’t stand having a dirty kitchen (which you’d never know if you visited my house, because I’m such a *super-fantastic* housecleaner…) But, having it cleaned up while I put the kids to bed, leaves it with a nice clean place to start to make the coffee for the morning.

366 Project

I know I forgot to post last weekend. But really, having a little photo project for the year is just something that I really enjoy. And it’s been about all I’ve posted on the blog in recent months. But I still like that it gives a little year-in-a-glance and also makes me feel like I accomplish something (or part of something) every day!

There you have it. Little tiny things that make my day run just a little bit smoother. Nothing huge, but stuff I definitely look forward to. What’s been helping you along in the middle of this winter?

{I’m linking up with MMD at the above link.}

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I've just posted. I do read and truly appreciate all comments. They make me smile!

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