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(I’m putting my comments on cropping/editing at the end of the post so if you’d like to see them, that’s where they’ll be)

The post should be titled “Life with toddlers.. and a 5-yo”

I’ve been thinking about getting back into trying to photograph those little moments/messes that the kids make. Not really as a way to keep much specific memory of them. But more of a way to try and take a more positive outlook on this stage of life.

I wrote this post a few years back (Dear Mama of a Toddler: take a picture)┬ábut I’ve really kinda moved away from that. Maybe because the toddler at the time got just a bit older, I dunno.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now (when I remember) and I noticed something. I’ve been just a little bit calmer. Maybe coincidence, maybe not. And I can’t say that things have been all… what’s the line?… unicorns and rainbows, but internally at least things seem to be a little bit calm. At least for the moment.

phfr-tt 2-4-2

Zachary very deliberately took books out of the shelves in the boys room and lined them up on the bathroom floor.

He’s actually been doing this a lot, all over the house with various items (magnets, blocks, other books, etc…). I love watching his concentration while he’s doing it. So deliberate!

phfr-tt 2-4-3

Z has also taken to putting things into shoes. This one just happened to be mine so I noticed it. The other day someone spilled some Cheerios on the floor. I didn’t think much of it until I realized that I had swept the floor, but not the Cheerios (I assumed they had been eaten). Then… not one, but two children went to put on boots today only to take them off again and dump out a pile of Cheerios.

phfr-tt 2-4-4

Another favorite past time of Z’s is to hide toys and other things, like his milk bottle, in cabinets (and that little drawer under the stove that isn’t used all that much – that was the milk bottle – yuck!). Iron Man hung out with the cutting boards for a few days.

I wonder sometimes what passes through his mind when he puts things places. Like, what connections is he making?

phfr-tt 2-4

This last one was made by Johny. We recently opened this package of word magnets and for some reason it made sense to him to line them up on the freezer/fridge crack. He was very intentional about it. And also very happy to have accomplished it. Spent a good 5-10 minutes getting them all lined up just so. Of course it only lasted a few minutes as someone is always going in the fridge around here.

As I said at the beginning, I have loved being on the lookout for these little things the kids do. Things that in a couple of years they’ll no longer do. Things that I know someday I’ll miss, even if I don’t necessarily miss them now.


Onto the cropping stuff… So, I should probably just go out and say it:

I edit every photo that goes on the blog
(with very, very few exceptions)

Maybe not a lot, but all the photos are in some way edited. The main reason is space. I put a lot of pictures up here….. ok…. mostly only pictures up here lately, and if I used them full sized, I’d run out of room real fast, plus I also hope that the poorer resolution will keep them from being stolen.
So, I have Lightroom (the main editor I use on the computer) set up to resize and add a watermark to all the pictures that I export from there.

And… since I have all the pictures in Lr already it’s pretty simple to tweak them just a little to get them how I’d like. Usually I do simple adjusting to exposure, especially for phone pictures that always seem to be just a little “off”. Most of the time I’ll also crop a little.

A final note about editing. I read somewhere quite a while back, if you have to spend more than 60 seconds to make a picture “better” then it’s probably not worth saving. So I try to keep that in mind and I don’t spend much time editing a good portion of the daily photos that are up here.

Also, this all refers to the “regular” pictures I put up. Some of the more “artsy” ones that are floating around here, or Instagram, or the other photo blog are way more worked on, since those are the effects I’m after.

And here’s the photos that I put up today, straight out of camera:

phfr-tt 2-4 originals-2phfr-tt 2-4 originals phfr-tt 2-4 originals-3 phfr-tt 2-4 originals-4