Outdoors: discovery and imagination

I’ll be honest. I haven’t spent too much side outdoors this winter. Yes, I know it’s been comparatively mild, but I like to be all warm and cozy, and even mild winters aren’t really warm and cozy when outdoors.

Yesterday was (again) warm-ish outside, so I figured I’d take Zachary out (which is basically the only reason I stay outside… too many escapades of him actually escaping for me to trust any of the kids to watch him….) Anyway, I took some pictures. But I also listened to the boys talk.

Outdoors 2-5-2 Outdoors 2-5They’re big into “shooters” right now. Which basically translates into some sort of Star Wars shooter/gun/thing. Most sticks on our property or commandeered while on a walk become “shooters”.

Outdoors 2-5-7I specifically asked him what he used it for… he said a “shooter” or a “lightsaber”

Z. found a little tricycle, spent most of the time trying to get it to go, and made it to the gate in an attempt to get out

Outdoors 2-5-3

He was telling me that Katherine broke the table, but that it was ok… we could still use it for a butter churn
Me: uhhhhh….. sure……?

Outdoors 2-5-6

Karl realized that the bucket of old, wet, ashes and mud could be used for writing

Outdoors 2-5-8

This stick was called a “singer”, because “it’s one of those things people sing into” {I did tell him that we usually call those microphones, but I think he liked “singer” better}

Outdoors 2-5-10

Katherine came back from her grocery run with daddy and decided that ice scrapers make good hole diggers… especially in the brick walkway.


Daddy trying out his new pipe tobacco. He doesn’t always hang out with us outside, but it was nice to have him around… not super close because, smoke and pregnant mama here, but he was just there.

Outdoors 2-5-12

Somewhere along the way they decided to actually put a brick back into the walkway. Daddy had to help with that (he’s a mason and built the walkway, back before we bought the house).

Since the “real” walkway worked so well, they decided to start another one in the dirt….

Outdoors 2-5-13

Dirt, by the way, tastes… “not too bad”

Outdoors 2-5-11

#selfie. Also, taking a minute to sit down because I literally didn’t stop moving with trying to capture the boys in all their imaginative play.

I remember once when Katherine or Johny was pretty little, less than one year or so. My mom took them outside to walk them around and calm them down. Being the new(-er) mother that I was at the time, I was pretty much really surprised how well it “worked”. I remember thinking, there must be something built into out DNA that really connects with us being outdoors and maybe we have something just a little backwards in this country where we sit inside all day long. I think one of my favorite things about going to Latin America is that so much of daily life is spent out of doors. There are the covered patios and windows that may or may not close (depending on where you’re at). Well, obviously we can’t replicate Latin America here (just a little on the cold side), but it does do a world of calming to be out of the house for a little while.


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