Project 366: Week 4-5 {024-037}

Week 4 {024-030} Last Week

024 – Zachary not too sure about the snow
025 – Breakfast!
026 – The things he’ll do for his Snoopy and his Moosey
027 – Afternoon sunshine! Playing contentedly
028 – Random door seen under a bridge on the interstate (stuck in traffic)
029 – Hey, so we went to DC last weekend (why I didn’t post). It. Was. Cold.
030 – The boys got to actually ride in one of those cars in the mall (the ones where you pay a dollar for about a minutes worth of riding). But they were thrilled so I don’t mind 🙂

Week 5 {031-037}

031 – Last day at the hotel. Kiddos LOVED the elevators
032 – #Selfie
033 – Leftover candy cane from Christmas
034 – Raindrops (#olloclip)
035 – She was heading out, and stuffed the hankie in her back pocket. I thought it contrasted nicely (the red and blue) so I asked her to stop and let me take a picture. She posed and it’s actually so, naturally *Her* that I really just love this photo 🙂
036 – Snow! in the park. It was truly like a winter wonderland. (I was late for dinner that hubby cooked because of stopping here “just for a minute”…)
037 – Ice crystals on the windshield. (I think I did this a few weeks ago, but… “real” camera so different story)


Real camera photos this week: 1 (for the first), 3 (for the second) = 4 total
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3 thoughts on “Project 366: Week 4-5 {024-037}

  1. Glad you enjoyed your time away.Elevators are a great way to keep children amused. I adore her pout on the hanky picture, and lots of proper snow pictures, I WANT PROPER SNOW!!
    I think icey windscreen makes for a great picture, always unique, I liked my last house as we had a lamppost that lit up the ice beautifully.

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