Project 366: Week 6, 7, 8 {038-058}

So, I’ve been trying for nearly two weeks to get a Project 366 post up here on the blog. I know there are three weeks worth of photos, but I’ve started in reverse order, so if you want to skip some of the ones from a few weeks ago, they’re all the way at the bottom and easy to skip. I also tried real hard to keep the words to a minimum!

Also, maybe I’m missing something completely obvious, but how does one get their photos to format to all the same size (or pretty close) when using wordpress???? I feel like mine are all over the place size wise. Suggestions? Or does it not bother you?


Week 8 {052-058} This week {21 Feb through 27 Feb}

052 – He wanted “a taco with the white stuff and cheese” (translation: sour cream and cheese)
053 – Pre-breakfast snack #noshame
054 – Zachary eating…
055 – Our Lenten centerpiece. So far it’s survived…
056 – He climbed there by himself.
057 – He sat with daddy and “helped” him play his video game
058 – Our mall had a LEGO Americana display (I think that’s what they called it). This is the US Capitol building, to scale, made with LEGOs.

Week 7 {045-051} Last Week {14 Feb through 20 Feb}

045 – Sub-Zero St Valentine’s Day
046 – Having fun with daddy
047 – Rosary
048 – #bumpphoto (35 weeks-ish)
049 – Attempting to play together
050 – Annual cardiologist visit (all is well, check up again in a year)
051 – And… she got a cut and style, thanks to her Auntie!

Week 6 {038-044} Two Weeks Ago {7 Feb through 13 Feb}

038 – Johny was VERY excited about the Super Bowl!
039 – Skipped…. Oops 😦
040 – Daddy’s early birthday present to himself.
041 – #Clean {as part of the #HolyLens project on IG/FB for Lent}
042 – My dad’s birthday. Z. was mesmerized by all the candles
043 – Z. “helping” Uncle Andrew to put some sheetrock in the bathroom.
044 – Z. peeking at the candles. Again. Mesmerized.


Real camera photos this week: 1 (for the first), 3 (for the second) = 4 total
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