Me and Mine ~ February {a “new” photo project}

Me and Mine

If you’ve been following along this here blog for a while now, you’ve noticed that I try to post monthly photos of all the kids together in the “Siblings” posts.

The same woman who runs that project also has another project called “the Me and Mine” project. And it’s a photo project to take a monthly family photo. I know, I know…. why add yet another photo/blog project to my ongoing photo and blog projects? Well, frankly because I want to.

But, I think it’s more than just that. Every time we go to my in-laws house I spend at least 10-15 minutes looking at their old family photos hanging in the hallways and propped on bookcases in bedrooms. And I LOVE it! I get to see my husband when he was little. And try to guess which one of the kids looks most like one of their uncles or grandparents.

We didn’t have many family photos growing up. And probably even less that were displayed. But I would love things to be different for my own family. And a project like this is a really great motivator to help it happen.

In light of those thoughts, we probably won’t end up with many “professional” photos. So, snapshots it’ll probably have to be.

The one from this month is titled: Everyone decided to jump on mom and dad’s bed and mom decided it would be a GREAT time to try and get a family photo.

This is what most of them actually looked like:

Me and Mine outtake

*shrugs shoulders*

Also, I would love to think this will be the last family photo where there are only six of us 🙂 Which means, probably we won’t be able to use the “jumping on the bed” theme for next month 😉


An ongoing project to take at least one family picture a month…. even if it’s a cell phone snapshot

The Me and Mine Project