Me and Mine ~ March

Me and Mine - March

Here we all are!!!!

This was taken the day after Nicholas was born. It will eventually be printed and join the other hospital first family “portraits” that are on our wall. 🙂

Right before Nichola was born we were a few days at an abbey near here, but we’ve basically been sticking close to home these past few weeks.

I’ve made one grocery store run, two library trips (without any kids because that just seems to crazy at this point), two trips to Mass, and a few stops at my parents. Other than that home it has been. We’ve also just these past two days started doing minimal school work again (think a few pages of reading and a short lesson of math). I think we’ll stick  with that school schedule and just add in little bits at a time.

Its been nice to have the weather be just slightly warmer, which has allowed for at least some outside time, even if not much (for me – the kids are out as much as they can be, I just tend to get fussy about sitting in the cold). But still a nice break from being indoors.


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Just a tiny bit of Easter

Easter 2016-12

Happiest of Easter to you all on this fifth day of the Octave!

We had a super duper low key Easter Day celebration. Meaning, we made it to Mass (all five kids and only one almost melt down!) and had dinner with my parents and family a little later in the afternoon.

I had halfway thought about trying to attend some of the services of the Triduum, but….. given that was falling asleep at the time they were starting, it’s probably a good thing I didn’t try this year. I was a little bummed about not attending (because they’re some of my favorite services), but I’ll just have to make plans for next year :).

Anyways. Mass was very nice.

Easter 2016-10
Pre-Mass. Nicholas’s first Easter!!

(Note: I said we made it to Mass… clearly not everyone was dressed up.}

Easter 2016-11
(during the removal of his next oldest brother, who was having a rough morning for some reason)

At my parents my sister in law put on an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.

Easter 2016

VERY excited…

No Clue…

Second dress of the day…
{A note: she was so, so excited to have her hair curled for Easter. My sister was going to do it, but then couldn’t make it, so I ended up with the honors. Have to say for my total lack of “doing hair” ability, it came out passably well, and she was SOOOO happy to have curled hair.)

“I think that’s it…”

Easter 2016-9

Baby N. did not participate. I did not get any family photos. Or… actually any photos of the kids all together or all dressed up.

But, they had fun on the egg hunt. And at least by the end of the day and multiple discussions they had some idea what we were celebrating. I mean, at least I got the answer switched from “chocolate” to “Jesus coming alive again”/”Jesus coming out of the tomb”.


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Siblings {March} AND a special {blog} introduction


I made a big effort to get more than one last minute shot of all the kiddos together this past month because I knew it would be their last as a group of four.

While I certainly knew it was a possibility that we wouldn’t make it to the 15th without ADDING to the group, I didn’t count on it because I tend to make it almost all the way to my due date.


This little guy, Nicholas James, decided to join us this past Sunday, the 13th, eleven days early:

NJ blog photo

He weighed in at 7 lbs, 5 oz. (our smallest baby) and 21 inches. {I’ll attempt a birth story sometime soonish for those interested}

We’re home now and I guess things are going well (it’s only been about eight hours, so check back in a few days or so).

Siblings March-4
FIRST photo as a group of five!!!!!

Most of the kids are totally in LOVE with him, Zachary…… well….. he’s not sure of all this, and much of the afternoon was spent trying to keep him from, amongst other things hitting/pushing/poking Nicholas, etc…

It seemed a little strange to look at the first four photos in this post and feel like already someone was missing. How already I can’t imagine this little guy not being here. I feel so, so blessed that we’ve been allowed to have this little one.

Can’t promise I’ll make it to the blog much in the next few weeks, but if you’d like to follow our day-to-day do be sure to check out my Instagram feed, where I tend to do excessive baby postings in the days following a new baby.


{This post is part of an ongoing project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Intro’s here}

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Outdoors: in B&W

I’ll start out this post with honesty: These pictures are from last week (or maybe even the week before… I can’t remember at this point). I *meant* to get them into a post, but, well that clearly didn’t happen.

Outdoors in BW

We’ve had a couple of days where it felt very spring-like. (Not today. Today it snowed. Didn’t stick, but snow flurried down. And it was cold…)

Little Z has completely and totally been enraptured by being out of doors. He’s taken to bringing people his shoes and jacket (and sometime *their* shoes and jackets) in hopes of going out. He’ll also pretty much drop anything anytime he hears the door open, we have a chime on it so it’s very obvious.

Outdoors in BW-2

This particular day the big kids found the old PlaySchool cars and got very involved in making up a game or two. I lost track after a while. I think they may be finally getting too big for them. And the car in the front (all the way to the right in the photo above) has lost both its front poles and has been affectionately dubbed a “backhoe”.

Outdoors in BW-3

{The reason why Z just doesn’t get to go out as much as his little heart would like. C’mon new baby, lets get things going here}

Outdoors in BW-4

This day offered another treat when my dad stopped by for a few minutes and everyone had a blast hanging over the fence. The other treat for this day was that the big kids got to eat lunch out side (forgot to take a picture). I was glad because that mess stayed there. And they love it just because.

I’ve heard more good weather is in our future, so maybe we’ll venture a little further next week? Or maybe not, I’m so not motivated to walk anywhere at this point, although I know it could help things along.

I’m also joining in with Michaela @ California to Korea for this week’s Theme Thursday, which is Black and White. I love, love, LOVE B&W photos, although I don’t know that these are super duper spectacular. I mean, they’re alright. They were taken around mid-day so the lighting was a bit harsh (and they were with my phone), and they were originally in color, and no, I didn’t intentionally think to use them in B&W. When I decided to edit them it felt very photojournalistic. Like… so much activity in the photos. But, really, I guess that’s what our outside times are like: constant movement, constant kids, constant stuff everywhere 🙂


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