Outdoors: in B&W

I’ll start out this post with honesty: These pictures are from last week (or maybe even the week before… I can’t remember at this point). I *meant* to get them into a post, but, well that clearly didn’t happen.

Outdoors in BW

We’ve had a couple of days where it felt very spring-like. (Not today. Today it snowed. Didn’t stick, but snow flurried down. And it was cold…)

Little Z has completely and totally been enraptured by being out of doors. He’s taken to bringing people his shoes and jacket (and sometime *their* shoes and jackets) in hopes of going out. He’ll also pretty much drop anything anytime he hears the door open, we have a chime on it so it’s very obvious.

Outdoors in BW-2

This particular day the big kids found the old PlaySchool cars and got very involved in making up a game or two. I lost track after a while. I think they may be finally getting too big for them. And the car in the front (all the way to the right in the photo above) has lost both its front poles and has been affectionately dubbed a “backhoe”.

Outdoors in BW-3

{The reason why Z just doesn’t get to go out as much as his little heart would like. C’mon new baby, lets get things going here}

Outdoors in BW-4

This day offered another treat when my dad stopped by for a few minutes and everyone had a blast hanging over the fence. The other treat for this day was that the big kids got to eat lunch out side (forgot to take a picture). I was glad because that mess stayed there. And they love it just because.

I’ve heard more good weather is in our future, so maybe we’ll venture a little further next week? Or maybe not, I’m so not motivated to walk anywhere at this point, although I know it could help things along.

I’m also joining in with Michaela @ California to Korea for this week’s Theme Thursday, which is Black and White. I love, love, LOVE B&W photos, although I don’t know that these are super duper spectacular. I mean, they’re alright. They were taken around mid-day so the lighting was a bit harsh (and they were with my phone), and they were originally in color, and no, I didn’t intentionally think to use them in B&W. When I decided to edit them it felt very photojournalistic. Like… so much activity in the photos. But, really, I guess that’s what our outside times are like: constant movement, constant kids, constant stuff everywhere 🙂


Also linking with Coombe Mills for Country Kids

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


5 thoughts on “Outdoors: in B&W

  1. The photos look really striking in black and white and what a great garden space to be able to enjoy now the weather is beginning to warm up. All those little cars look like they are making a great road track between the beds. Fingers crossed with the arrival of the new baby! thank you for sharing your garden time on #CountryKids

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