Me and Mine ~ March

Me and Mine - March

Here we all are!!!!

This was taken the day after Nicholas was born. It will eventually be printed and join the other hospital first family “portraits” that are on our wall. 🙂

Right before Nichola was born we were a few days at an abbey near here, but we’ve basically been sticking close to home these past few weeks.

I’ve made one grocery store run, two library trips (without any kids because that just seems to crazy at this point), two trips to Mass, and a few stops at my parents. Other than that home it has been. We’ve also just these past two days started doing minimal school work again (think a few pages of reading and a short lesson of math). I think we’ll stick  with that school schedule and just add in little bits at a time.

Its been nice to have the weather be just slightly warmer, which has allowed for at least some outside time, even if not much (for me – the kids are out as much as they can be, I just tend to get fussy about sitting in the cold). But still a nice break from being indoors.


More interested in checking out the baby…



An ongoing project to take at least one family picture a month…. even if it’s a cell phone snapshot

The Me and Mine Project

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