Me and Mine ~ April

Baptism Post-32

This was taken at Nicholas’s baptism. This was right before I somehow managed to bump Katherine’s eye and cause many tears, resulting in the end of photo taking.

Six weeks into being a family of seven and I’d say we’re settling down nicely. Well, I mean… things still feel crazy, but we’re used to them, so it’s all good.

I have taken all five kids on exactly one outing by myself (other than to my parents house). The outing was incredibly pathetic in terms of “outing” because it was literally put everyone in the car, drive to pick some items up (which were brought out to the car for me), drive back home, unload everyone from car. Absolutely no getting out… One day we’ll do an actual “get out of the car” trip ;).

I started school work back up with Katherine (1st grade) and John (Kindergarten). I think four day school weeks should be the norm. I know I’m generally done with school by Friday. So I’ve been trying to figure out how to get most of the lessons done before then and just doing Math and Reading on Friday. I have plans to add in a few more fun items on Fridays (like maybe Nature Walks/Journaling for science and taking that day for Picture study… we’ll see…)

Pretty much that sums up our month. We’ve been sticking close to home other than Mass or the weekly grocery run or trip to drop off library books (which I either do by myself or with one or two littles). Trying to keep things as simple as possible.



An ongoing project to take at least one family picture a month…. even if it’s a cell phone snapshot

The Me and Mine Project

Nicholas James: A Baptism in Photos

Baptism Post

We baptized Nicholas on Saturday, April 16 at 12:00 PM. It was a “private” baptism, in that we didn’t do it as part of the Sunday Mass (which is the norm at our parish). But, this time worked best for everyone, so that’s what we did.

Baptism Post-4

Slightly awkward moment, when the Father asked “what do you ask of God’s church?”. The answer is “Baptism”, but….. we can never seem to remember that one word.


{Reading of the Word}

Reading of the Word


{Scenes from the Homily.. hover over each photo to see caption}

{Anointing with Oil}
Baptism Post-14

{Blessing over Baptismal Water}
Baptism Post-15


Baptism Post-21

This is the point in the ceremony where I tend to realize just how HUGE of thing we’ve just done.

Especially the part about promising to raise the child in the faith. I think I felt something similar with the first baby we had baptized, but now that we have older kids and I’ve spent some time trying to teach them… everything… I realize just how hard of a task it is that we promise to do.

And I won’t lie, I definitely felt a bit overwhelmed when we spoke those words this time. But as Father so comfortingly pointed out, we’re not alone in this. We have the Godparents and the Church to walk with us.  I remember thinking “thank goodness we have Godparents who have been Catholic longer than we have and have grown kids already and know what they’re doing”.

{Anointing with Chrism of Salvation}
Baptism Post-24

Probably my favorite picture of the day.


{Light of Christ}

{Blessing the Mother}
Baptism Post-25There was also a blessing of the Father (and the of all gathered), but no photos of that.

{Comedic Break}
This little guy just barely made it through

{After Photos}

Project 366: Week 16 {108-114}

Week 16 17 April through 23 April {108-114}

108 – Planting/Watering seeds
109 – “Helping” Baby Nicholas play with his bouncy seat toys
110 – Hats and duplo “shooters”
111 – Afternoon snack outside
112 – #Toddlerlife (he put all the bowls up there too, and yes, a second later he had spilled the water)
113 – Blog meet Witch Cat. Normally I wouldn’t put stuffed animals up on the blog, but this one is Karl’s personal best friend and companion in ALL things. (Also, the few other pictures I took this day ended up on IG, so in an effort to not do to much duplication you get to “meet” him)
114 – Beer bottles. An entry I used for Instagram “challenge” (by @its_my_week ~ my current favorite photo “prompt” challenge)


Real camera photos this week: 3 (#1, #2 and #5)
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Siblings {April}

siblings april

Welcome to our monthly attempt to get all the siblings in one photo.

It seems like most of the photos I even attempted, were simply attempts to get all the kids in the same 4×6 frame – looking or not looking, paying attention, playing video games, holding the baby, poking the baby…. didn’t matter. Just simply all in the same frame.

But. I did get it. So, #winning

We seem to have had a little bit of a shake up in where/how siblings are fitting in. Especially with the addition of Nicholas. I mean, he’s not doing much at the moment, but even the fact that he’s here means everyone else has to settle into a new “place” in the sibling pecking order.

Katherine and Johny have been much more buddy-ish this past month. Which is fine. They both seem to have taken a bit of a leap in development and are enjoying doing things together, like playing UNO (without mommy supervision) and other games (real or made up). But they’re playing well together.

Unfortunately that leaves Karl out in the dust. Sometimes he seems to mind a lot, other times he’ll get lost in his imaginary world of witch cat and Star Wars. And still other times I’ll find him *trying* to play with Zachary. (Zachary doesn’t really play well with others yet – he’s still in the “everything I want is mine or I scream” stage.)

Don’t get me wrong, though, they still all play together plenty. Outside swords and sticks and shooter games happen quite often. And for the most part they do get along.

siblings april-2

We’ve been trying to be outside. It’s just been a bit windier these past few weeks, and I’m hesitant to bring Nicholas out for long periods of time. Soon though… Soon 🙂


{This post is part of an ongoing project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Intro’s here}

The Me and Mine Project

Project 366: Week 15 {101-107}

Week 15 10 April through 16 April {101-107}

101 – Four weeks!
102 – Daffodil
103 – Dried Flowers
104 – The couch is swallowing him up
105 – Loving putting coins in the “piggy” bank
106 – A red sweatshirt
107 – Baby Nicholas with Tito’s (great-grandpa) hand.


Real camera photos this week: 2 (#2 and #3)
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