Siblings {April}

siblings april

Welcome to our monthly attempt to get all the siblings in one photo.

It seems like most of the photos I even attempted, were simply attempts to get all the kids in the same 4×6 frame – looking or not looking, paying attention, playing video games, holding the baby, poking the baby…. didn’t matter. Just simply all in the same frame.

But. I did get it. So, #winning

We seem to have had a little bit of a shake up in where/how siblings are fitting in. Especially with the addition of Nicholas. I mean, he’s not doing much at the moment, but even the fact that he’s here means everyone else has to settle into a new “place” in the sibling pecking order.

Katherine and Johny have been much more buddy-ish this past month. Which is fine. They both seem to have taken a bit of a leap in development and are enjoying doing things together, like playing UNO (without mommy supervision) and other games (real or made up). But they’re playing well together.

Unfortunately that leaves Karl out in the dust. Sometimes he seems to mind a lot, other times he’ll get lost in his imaginary world of witch cat and Star Wars. And still other times I’ll find him *trying* to play with Zachary. (Zachary doesn’t really play well with others yet – he’s still in the “everything I want is mine or I scream” stage.)

Don’t get me wrong, though, they still all play together plenty. Outside swords and sticks and shooter games happen quite often. And for the most part they do get along.

siblings april-2

We’ve been trying to be outside. It’s just been a bit windier these past few weeks, and I’m hesitant to bring Nicholas out for long periods of time. Soon though… Soon 🙂


{This post is part of an ongoing project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Intro’s here}

The Me and Mine Project

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