Nicholas James: A Baptism in Photos

Baptism Post

We baptized Nicholas on Saturday, April 16 at 12:00 PM. It was a “private” baptism, in that we didn’t do it as part of the Sunday Mass (which is the norm at our parish). But, this time worked best for everyone, so that’s what we did.

Baptism Post-4

Slightly awkward moment, when the Father asked “what do you ask of God’s church?”. The answer is “Baptism”, but….. we can never seem to remember that one word.


{Reading of the Word}

Reading of the Word


{Scenes from the Homily.. hover over each photo to see caption}

{Anointing with Oil}
Baptism Post-14

{Blessing over Baptismal Water}
Baptism Post-15


Baptism Post-21

This is the point in the ceremony where I tend to realize just how HUGE of thing we’ve just done.

Especially the part about promising to raise the child in the faith. I think I felt something similar with the first baby we had baptized, but now that we have older kids and I’ve spent some time trying to teach them… everything… I realize just how hard of a task it is that we promise to do.

And I won’t lie, I definitely felt a bit overwhelmed when we spoke those words this time. But as Father so comfortingly pointed out, we’re not alone in this. We have the Godparents and the Church to walk with us.  I remember thinking “thank goodness we have Godparents who have been Catholic longer than we have and have grown kids already and know what they’re doing”.

{Anointing with Chrism of Salvation}
Baptism Post-24

Probably my favorite picture of the day.


{Light of Christ}

{Blessing the Mother}
Baptism Post-25There was also a blessing of the Father (and the of all gathered), but no photos of that.

{Comedic Break}
This little guy just barely made it through

{After Photos}