Me and Mine ~ April

Baptism Post-32

This was taken at Nicholas’s baptism. This was right before I somehow managed to bump Katherine’s eye and cause many tears, resulting in the end of photo taking.

Six weeks into being a family of seven and I’d say we’re settling down nicely. Well, I mean… things still feel crazy, but we’re used to them, so it’s all good.

I have taken all five kids on exactly one outing by myself (other than to my parents house). The outing was incredibly pathetic in terms of “outing” because it was literally put everyone in the car, drive to pick some items up (which were brought out to the car for me), drive back home, unload everyone from car. Absolutely no getting out… One day we’ll do an actual “get out of the car” trip ;).

I started school work back up with Katherine (1st grade) and John (Kindergarten). I think four day school weeks should be the norm. I know I’m generally done with school by Friday. So I’ve been trying to figure out how to get most of the lessons done before then and just doing Math and Reading on Friday. I have plans to add in a few more fun items on Fridays (like maybe Nature Walks/Journaling for science and taking that day for Picture study… we’ll see…)

Pretty much that sums up our month. We’ve been sticking close to home other than Mass or the weekly grocery run or trip to drop off library books (which I either do by myself or with one or two littles). Trying to keep things as simple as possible.



An ongoing project to take at least one family picture a month…. even if it’s a cell phone snapshot

The Me and Mine Project

One thought on “Me and Mine ~ April

  1. Well done on getting them all in shot, I struggle to get the 4 of us on and vaguely looking at the camera. Good work on your first outing too I’m sure they’ll get more adventurous in May.

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