My Sunday Best {1}

My Sunday Best

Sorry folks, I have absolutely no details on my outfit. I know I picked up my sweater at Savers a few months back. Ant the skirt and shirt are maternity clothes that have had their first and possibly only wearing this round of pregnancy/post-partum. They still fit, but they’re on their way back into the big storage bin in the attic.

Johny was my photographer of the day. I actually had already changed from Mass (since… cold)… But then I remembered I wanted to make this post this week, so I quick changed and had him snap the photo during nap time (he was glad to “not nap” for a few minutes).


I mentioned above that my maternity clothes are heading back into storage soon. And some of the baby clothes are already too small (hello 3-6 month clothes!) so they’ve been put away too. Put away for what?

Well…. a potential future baby.

Every time I’ve put an article of clothing away, I find myself thinking “…until next time”, then I’m like, wait! What? Next Time? You mean, I’m going to use these again?

And while I don’t know 100% for sure if we’ll have another baby (I’m not God), it seems likely given my age – I’m all of 30 years (plus 137 days) old and we’re Catholic and open to life (also open to spacing, so no babies right away, unless God throws a curve ball) but, we also just like babies. We like kids.

Yes, they’re a lot of work, but I think we’re finally getting to the point where for some of the kids (the older three), the hands-on work part is getting a lot less. There are other things we’re doing now, but the physically exhausting part is not quite so much with them now.

{Side note: I was at Mass a few weeks ago, by myself with the older kids and the baby. Someone else was holding the baby, Katherine went to Childrens Liturgy and the boys were writing on the bulletin without squabbling over the pen and I felt like I had a nice little break to listen to the homily. That doesn’t seem to happen all the time, but Mass felt “easy” for the first time in a while.}

But back to my train of thought…

The thought of having more kids used to make me really nervous. Not the actual having more children (the number of kids has never really bothered me), but the being pregnant aspect of having more kids. It’s always been hard for me. Physically the pregnancies have been not so bad, but mentally/emotionally they’ve been a lot harder, especially the last two.

One thing that really helped me to be much calmer about the possibility of more children was being part of a few Facebook groups where the mamas there were on baby #6, or #7 or… #10. You know, like…solidarity. But more than a “if they can do it I can do it” thing (because I don’t think I’m called to just have as many babies as possible), but more of a “other mamas have done it and survived” sort of thing. Other mamas have lived their faith and it’s been ok. And it gives me peace of mind for an eventualย next baby.

Plus…. Katherine still wants a sister. ๐Ÿ™‚


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4 thoughts on “My Sunday Best {1}

  1. I love that sweater! And I miss Savers. We used to live in New England and it was my fav. thrift shop by far!!

  2. That sweater looks so cozy! And I’m with you on boxing up clothes for “the next baby” – we’re totally at the same age and stage and I have the exact same thoughts! Thank goodness for those who’ve done it before us who can offer a little wisdom ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That sweater looks so warm! It is practically summer in Austin, and we never had a real winter, so I am envious. (Or am I jealous? Whichever is the one that’s not as bad.)

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