Lovely Tidbits {2}


Making: Still working on the crochet blanket ( ↑ ) for Nicholas. I have passed halfway so, progress? Yes. Slow as molasses on a cold day kinda progress, but progress none the less.

Cooking: I have no idea. I lost my menu between the grocery store and home after my last shopping run. Will wing it… Maybe Rice and Beans tonight? I can pull that off in a day and I know it was on the menu for at least one day this week….

Reading: March Recap (yes, I know… March, but I really wanted to just recap the books I’ve read this year – keeps me a little more accountable – and I started this post a few weeks ago and March books had already been listed, so I figured I’d just keep them and not overwhelm the post with what I finished reading in April…. Anyway…)

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
Post-apocolyptic. Really enjoyed this, was a fun read. Haven’t read many of the p-a type novels, I felt this was more realistic than some others I’ve even attempted (or rather, of movies/shows I’ve watched).

The Chosen by Chaim Potok
Read this for the book club I’m a part of as well. Really fascinating novel about Hassidic Jews in NY. But more than that. It really digs into relationships, especially between fathers and sons… and just fascinating.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis
Read aloud with the kids. They loved it. I loved it (again). Wasn’t nearly so difficult to read aloud this time as the last time I tried.

Wanting: The sunshine to come back!

Loving: This little boy and his imaginative play (Star Wars, with his stuffed Witch Cat, forts, Legos, etc…)

Karl and his star wars

New Etsy account I enjoyed finding: KristynBrownPhoto – TheSaintsProject. (I somehow stumbled upon her IG account first, which is also pretty cool).

Thinking: How all of our everyday little things can be how we are called to love and worship God. It seems like such a simple concept, but in the past I’ve found it really hard to make it meaningful. Only recently have I felt it become more full of meaning and purpose.

Working On:

A pile of mending projects that are cluttering up my room. Fixing holes in jeans. Reattaching a zipper where it came loose. Hemming a pair of pants. I’m sure there’s a stuffed animal that needs some mama love…. Just the usual

Updating the blog About page to include Nicholas…

Figuring out how to make Goodreads work for me because *almost* everyone else says its the best way to keep track of books and you know I need just one more system for my books 😉

Oh, and NOT arguing/yelling. {Currently failing}.


Not sure if Cristina still has her Lovely Tidbits link up going on (if it pops up, I’ll definitely link up to it), but if not then… You still get this post 🙂

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