Outdoors: Finally

It’s been a rainy, very chilly week ’round these parts. Mind you, we DID have Star Wars day on the 4th to break up the monotony of being indoors – I let them watch part of Episode IV, which they thought was just the best thing ever. (The next day they asked if it was still Star Wars day to which I told them it wasn’t… then they declared that it was for them though because they hadn’t finished the movie, and as they were going to finish it that day, it meant the 5th was Star Wars day too… Anyways…)

The sun sorta kinda peaked out this morning for just a bit and I promptly sent them all out. Z. needed a little bit of distracting before his nap and I desperately needed to sweep the floors (which gets tricky with four little people constantly walking over them).

Yup, definitely tired.

Did a bit of inspecting of flies, ants and the ground in general


The Azaleas also bloomed. I could be wrong but this looks like the most blooms we’ve ever gotten on this plant

… Now just to keep Z. from pulling them all off…

They tried, pretty much unsuccessfully to play hide-and-seek. It’s become one of their favorite games in the last few weeks. They’ve been playing it ALL. OVER. THE. HOUSE. (which, honestly is usually not a problem, until you try to get something out of a closet and find you can’t actually get into said closet for all the items piled up and pulled down… ahem…)

Hide- And- Seek (sorta)

Counting. She's "hiding" behind him
Counting. She’s “hiding” behind him
Seconds after "being found"
Seconds after “being found”

Our grape vines are coming along


… Maybe this year we’ll have better luck with the squirrels, birds and little fingers getting to them??? A mama can hope 😉

Repairs and inspections were made to the fort that’s been up since last week (a record?)

And finally we discovered exactly one strawberry blossom.


(Also in imminent danger of Z, who has already de-leafed a few plants on the other side of the box.)

It was so, so, so nice to step outside and not too cold or rained on. I felt my mood lighten minutes after going out. Planning on an outing to the zoo tomorrow AM if the weather stays “not rainy”. 🙂

dirty kids = fun day

Happy Weekend!


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