Project 366: Week 18 {122-128}

Week 18 1 May through 7 May {122-128}

122 – Making Baby Nicholas smile
123 – They played “library” multiple times this week on account of more indoor time
124 – Zachary often will climb on Jared’s feet to be bounced. Usually every morning before J. leaves for work.
125 – Z has also taken to setting these bowls on the table. He carefully gets them one by one from the cabinet and places them around. He’s been doing it with the silverware too.
126 – Kat and the baby
127 – Zachary
128 – Very full day today. Zoo (Free!) –> Taco Bell (Papa’s treat) –> Party with some friends from church (so very, very nice). Johny said “we haven’t been home almost all day”. True my dear little man. Too true.

I’m hitting publish, setting the coffee for the morning, because you know one of the little ones will be up bright and early, then I’m heading to bed myself.


Real camera photos this week: 3 (#2, #4, #6)
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