My Sunday Best {1}

Happy Pentecost to everyone! I ummm, didn’t wear red. Nothing that fits at the moment. Well, I did actually have a red sweater in my closet, but it was just too Christmas-y/winter-y so I couldn’t bring myself to wear it.



Brown on hunter green with a grey sweater? And flip-flops because….. Well, I’ll just start at the beginning.

Zachary (18 months) decided that pre-5:00 AM was perfect for waking up. I let him try and work it out in his crib because I am decidedly against pre-5:00 AM wake-ups. (I managed a few more small chunks of “sleep” and we made it until 6:00.) {Lack of Sleep}

Mass this morning was a combined Spanish/English service which started a little over an hour after our regular Mass time. Not really a problem, just throws the schedule off a bit. For example, you know how when you have an extra hour to do something, you *think* you have plenty of time to get things done… so you wait, and wait (and wait) until too late to start doing said thing and then end up rushing? Yeah. That was this morning.

Nice leisurely breakfast of cold cereal well before time to get ready.

Time to do not one, but two loads of desperately needing to be done laundry (99% of the time I don’t actually do laundry on Sunday… that whole Day of Rest thing… but today fell into that 1%). As I was getting the second load out to dry (diapers do so much better in the sun), I realized that time was too close.

I can’t even remember what the 45 minutes looked like between that load of laundry and getting in the car. Except for one very specific thought (just ONE) and that was to make sure I changed my flip-flops before we left. (That didn’t happen).

But, we all made it to Mass. Our Pentecost service is outdoors. This year was in a big covered, event tent which was fine. It was a bit on the windy side (I pretty much kept thinking the Holy Spirit must have been blowing in/out/around…) which is super loud in those things, especially if you’re right near the edge. Kids, did really well, Z especially. There were only two reeeeealllllly long walks to the bathroom. And only one outfit change.

We did end up skipping the picnic after. Just too much for us today. And while I’m not a huge fan of the outdoor Masses (although, I do think the covered tent is better than straight parking lot in the blistering sun), I really enjoy having the combined English/Spanish service. And, there was just something really special about the Mass today.. Maybe it was the Holy Spirit moving after all.


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10 thoughts on “My Sunday Best {1}

  1. Ha! We’ve all had those mornings. And I feel the same way about the super early wake up calls. Unless I can’t sleep through the noise, I make them wait until a more civilized hour. Happy Pentecost!

  2. Outdoor Mass in a tent really does sound a LOT better than just outdoors in the grass! Good call, your parish 🙂 Thanks for linking up, Ruth Anne!

  3. Our parish is part of a cluster and the Mass times rotate. It seems like we’re always rushing at the last minute or ready too early and sitting around waiting for the kids to mess up their church clothes. 🙂 Ah, life.

    1. I know right? Kids and their church clothes. I don’t remember how many times I told them they couldn’t go outside before we left, so as not to get dirty before we had even gotten to the car! Thanks for stopping in!

    1. Yes! I think at one point I actually thought about the fact that we’d be outdoors (possibly on the ground) and therefore pants would be a better option, that’s as far as I made it in my clothing choices 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!

  4. Hey, start with showing up. There’s time for more later.

    I personally don’t mind dual-language Masses, but that is because I speak Spanish. I always wonder what it’s like for people who don’t speak Spanish (or who *only* speak Spanish). By design, they won’t understand something, and since I understand both, I know that it is never exactly the same.

    1. As far as dual language Mass, I really don’t mind the language thing. I actually like it. I *sorta* speak Spanish. I mean, I can understand it a bit, enough to know that it’s definitely NOT the exactly the same :). The length doesn’t really bother me either, it’s just a little trickier with the kiddos.

      And yup, last week was definitely a “we showed up” week. 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!

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