Book Review: Simply Ancient Grains

It’s high time I posted my review on this delightful cookbook: Simply Ancient Grains by Maria Speck!

I have always thought of ancient grains (you know, things like quinoa, barley, millet, etc…) to be “exotic”. Or, at the very least, too exotic for me (a self-defined simple, ordinary, every day cook)┬áto be cooking with. This book has made those grains much more accessible. It’s made me much more at ease with even the thought of trying more “ancient grain” recipes.

Some things included:

  • General ways to cook the grains (different methods)
  • A overview list of the grains with their descriptions, textures, flavors
  • Menu ideas (!!!)
  • Little essays sprinkled throughout that are really nice to read, especially for someone who never really had a lot of practical teaching in cooking.

Many of the recipes I read through are fairly simple and seem pretty easy to put together. Not too involved (some a little more so), but nothing too crazy. For example, I made the “oatmeal butternut pancakes with brown buttered nuts” (pg 55) the other day (disclosure: I didn’t do the buttered nuts, although they sound absolutely amazing). But the directions went along the lines of: start the night before; put all ingredients in food processor; refrigerate overnight; make pancakes in the morning. That works for me.

I look forward to using many more recipes from this book!

Disclosure: I received this book for free from Blogging For Books in exchange for my honest review