Project 366: Week 19 and 20 {129-142}

Week 19 8 May through 14 May {129-135}

129 – Closing the fence, in heels
130 – My mom and brother go grocery shopping each Monday night (sometimes I join them), this was Nicholas’s first time.
131 – Kiddos went on a walk. These treasures were brought back for me.
132 – Brothers first thing in the morning.
133 – An old pro at this baby holding thing.
134 – 2 months!!!!!
135 – Planting sunflowers with their uncle, everyone needed the sunglasses.

Week 20 15 May through 21 May {136-142}

136 – It was a long morning. He crawled up on the couch next to Jared and fell asleep.
137 – My most recently started book.
138 – First time wearing the GA colors! (This outfit was bought by Jared for Katherine, so all the kids have had their turn to wear it.)
139 – Selfie. Self-Portrait. Same thing, right? (Had to explain what it was for the Art discussion)
140 – All my loves, squished and smiling 🙂
141 – I guess the early morning wake up meant he needed some coffee too…
142 – Visited my brother and his family today, Z. just loved the dog (shown here with my Grandpa).


Real camera photos this week: 1 (that last one with the dog)
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