Project 366: Week 25 {171-177}

Week 25 19 June through 25 June {171-177}

171 – My Grandpa (*their* “Tito”) and the two babies
172 – Roses
173 – This is the Father’s Day present that was completed and in the house *only* two days after FD. To be honest, I’m just super glad it got done. Often these project ideas of mine don’t actually pan out.
174 – She can hula-hoop. I didn’t know this before this day.
175 – They have spent many days this week getting super dirty thanks to the ultra dry dusty “dirt”.
176 – “No MY turn”
177 – Father’s Day cake! Finally! {Clearly we were on. the. ball. this year… but hey, at least now there’s a chocolate cake in my house 🙂 }



Real camera photos this week:… 1

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Project 366: Week 24 {164-170}

Week 24 12 June through 18 June {164-170}

164 – First cherries of the year
165 – The kids found a lady bug and were SOOOOOO excited about it!
166 – First ripe (homegrown) strawberry of the year!
167 – Only picture snapped this day. So big. BTW turned 3 months on the 13th!!!
168 – Someone gave us a bag of clothes. These guys gladly helped sort them (and try them on Nicholas)
169 – My mom got some cuisenaire rods for the kids and the boys have been playing with them almost every morning. Came downstairs to find this line.
170 – Doughboys for breakfast. Brings back memories of having these at my grandma’s when I was little. So. Much. Sugar. (Like, for real, my teeth hurt.)


Week 22 29 May through 4 June {150-156}

Week 23 5 June through 11 June {157-163}

Both weeks photos taken, but sadly not gone through, and just feels like too much this late in the evening. 😦


Real camera photos this week: taken, but not used for this post…
Resolutions for next week:
1. Make effort to jump on computer every night and put the days photo up (will make blog post draft as soon as this is published, and linked)
2. Use the real camera. I really have so much fun when I bring it out
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“that moment when…” {7QT #30}


…you go to find one of the deuterocanonical books of the Bible and the Bible is laid out  in “order” (instead of all those books in one section in the middle)…

#MightbeaCatholicConvert. Anyone know any catchy kids song to learn the books of the Bible with those books included? (You know, like the ones all the Protestant kids learn in Sunday Schools… I learned one, but it doesn’t include the books…)

…you go to begin a crochet project and your 6yo has been trying to make a blanket with your thread (and some knitting needles)

…you send in your first official Letter of Intent {to homeschool}

{gulp} this is getting real. I mean, we did school this past year, but nothing registered anywhere, so it didn’t feel like we were going against any system. Now that the paperwork’s been sent, I feel like we’re in the system and going against it.

I know. I know. It’ll be fine….

…you must just face the fact that the bouncy seat weight limit (11lbs I think it was?) has long since been exceeded.

Also, I’m pretty sure they aren’t supposed to be able to push their feet on the bottom and get to a nearly straight position…

…you forgot the baby was trying out the bigger jumper and he fell asleep

it only lasted a few minutes. But am hoping he begins to enjoy this piece of equipment soon because the bouncy seat (in take #5) is just not going to last much longer.

…your kids start talking (and talking and talking and talking) and you finally realize it’s about video games

…and you have no idea what they’re talking about. This has seriously happened to me multiple times this week.

Just not cool in that department 😉 But hey, I did agree to learn a card game based on one of these games… Gwent? from The Witcher? I think? {this is from Jared’s games not the kids game}

…you remember its Friday and the kids go to grandma and papa’s and your husband makes dinner. 

#mombreak #datenightin

{Still have the littlest so, still feeding him when he needs to eat and all that…}


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Siblings {June}

SIblings in June-2

SIblings in June-3 SIblings in June

Here’s my five in the last month. Kinda bummed this is the only “photo op” I got with *all* of them. 😦 Resolve to do better this coming month.

Gotta run for now, baby Nicholas is awake again and needing to be put down for the night 🙂


{This post is part of an ongoing project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Intro’s here}

The Me and Mine Project

My Sunday Best {5}


sunday best

Used the self-timer for this super not in focus photo 🙂

15-year-old black skirt and top (from a grab bag…)


Have been thinking of the idea of Sunday’s as a “Day of Rest” for a good long time now. Ever since I had to pick something up from a neighbor’s and I walked in and everyone, except the toddler, was reading a book on the couch. I made a comment to the extent of “rest time?” and the dad replied something like “yep. Sunday. Day of Rest. We try to actually rest all day.” That kinda just floored my 18 year old self. At the time I didn’t really consider it something that needed to happen, but once I had kids I think I really understood it more. 🙂

Since I realized it was something I actually needed, I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it happen. At the moment though, I’m a cloth diapering mama to five littles who need to eat and sometimes make just crazy amounts of messes. So at this time in my life my “day of rest” looks pretty much just like every other day of the week.

I do however try (huge EMPHASIS on TRY) to at the very least not do laundry. I mean, we have plenty of articles of clothing so there really is no need for me to rush get all the laundry done the moment it gets into the dirty clothes pile. But this does mean that I have to be extra intentional about getting most of it done Saturday or else I spend ALL of Monday trying to catch up. I also sometimes just have to wash the diapers. I mean, I try and get a load going on Saturday, but, we’re at a stage right now where I don’t really have enough diapers to last more than 36 hours so I have to wash all the time, and sometimes the “time” comes on Sunday.

But regardless, that’s my one thing I try to do.

The other thing I thought of, and first did this past Sunday, was to make sure I spent time working on one of my fun projects. For example: yesterday everyone watched Lord of the Rings (extended version… so… 3-4 hours?) and after a bit I just sat down and worked on my crochet blanket instead of trying to make sure things were clean.

So those are my little things I try to do to make Sundays just the tiniest bit different.

Thoughts for making Sunday more restful?


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