My Sunday Best {4}





So, I went through the rest of my non-maternity clothes in the attic and found this skirt. I totally forgot I had it. It’s one of my favorites. I mean, the attached slip part is a little “off”, but I still like it a lot.

I’m really thinking of looking into getting some more maxis because I definitely prefer them, especially for church.

Anyway, like always my outfit it totally and completely pieced together from Savers 🙂 (I think). Honestly I rarely get “new” clothes for myself and it’s been so long, so I don’t remember where they’re from 😉

I wish I could remember even the main point from the homily, but I got lost when Father brought up a story of a widow in a former parish (of his) who had lost her son and how that must be the greatest fear of all mothers…. and yup… I rabbit trailed after that because it is probably one of my biggest deep down fears.


But in other Mass news, a few weeks back the kids got rosaries in children’s Liturgy. So of course they spent all the rest of the Prayers not so quietly opening and holding (and dropping and swinging, etc…) them. We were getting back into the pew after Communion and I realized Karl didn’t have his (visibly) in his hands and it wasn’t on the seat or the floor. So I thought “great, lost it already”, I asked him where it was as he was sitting down and he checked his pockets, the pew the floor. No rosary. Then he pulled up his shirt and saw it dangling out of his pants. Pulled it out triumphantly and said “here it is!”….

I still think Katherine knocking the heater off the wall during the all solemn, nearly silent Good Friday service was the best though. {Seriously, how do they manage?}

What stories do you have about your kiddos in Mass?

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5 thoughts on “My Sunday Best {4}

  1. I remember Angela painting Dominic’s finger nails bright red once right before we were leaving for church. She was five and Dom was two. Of course I was like a lunatic trying to get it off before Mass. Probably would have been better off going to confession before Mass that day 😉

  2. I didn’t notice anything with your kids despite sitting in front of you. Probably because I was dealing with my own. There was the time that Elijah crawled under the bench in front of us and started stroking the pantyhose of the woman in front of us (that I didn’t know). Or how many times we have gotten to church and I notice that they’ve worn something with a hole or a stain. Sword fights with action figures on the end of the pew, complete with sound effects. The best was when Fr. Kelly was once preaching the homily and rhetorically asked “Are you the light of the world?” and Elijah said clearly “Yes.” Fr. Kelly didn’t hear him, though & continued “Are you the light of the world?” and Elijah answered loudly “Yes. I am.”

  3. Maxis are my new favorite. I don’t think men realize that they’re basically like wearing pajamas! Let’s let them keep assuming it’s like wearing a formal, floor-length gown. 😉

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