Project 366: Week 24 {164-170}

Week 24 12 June through 18 June {164-170}

164 – First cherries of the year
165 – The kids found a lady bug and were SOOOOOO excited about it!
166 – First ripe (homegrown) strawberry of the year!
167 – Only picture snapped this day. So big. BTW turned 3 months on the 13th!!!
168 – Someone gave us a bag of clothes. These guys gladly helped sort them (and try them on Nicholas)
169 – My mom got some cuisenaire rods for the kids and the boys have been playing with them almost every morning. Came downstairs to find this line.
170 – Doughboys for breakfast. Brings back memories of having these at my grandma’s when I was little. So. Much. Sugar. (Like, for real, my teeth hurt.)


Week 22 29 May through 4 June {150-156}

Week 23 5 June through 11 June {157-163}

Both weeks photos taken, but sadly not gone through, and just feels like too much this late in the evening. 😦


Real camera photos this week: taken, but not used for this post…
Resolutions for next week:
1. Make effort to jump on computer every night and put the days photo up (will make blog post draft as soon as this is published, and linked)
2. Use the real camera. I really have so much fun when I bring it out
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4 thoughts on “Project 366: Week 24 {164-170}

  1. awwww i use to love having a ladybird on my hand or arm. I have not heard of doughboys before – must be something common in your part of the country? i agree with Kara on the patience needed to line up all those cuisenaire rods! x

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