Project 366: Week 27 {185-191}

I *will* WILL WILL get this post written tonight!!!!! ūüėČ

I posted last week this photo on instagram:

*Project 366 - Week 27 28¬†4 out of 6 library books currently checked out (the others are on the kindle). All due back within the next 3 weeks (one as soon as 2 days), none renewable on account of many holds in place #summerreadingoverload but… #challengeaccepted, so if you don’t see me for the next few days this is why ūüėČ


…. And that’s literally where I’ve been the last week. Just couldn’t quite make myself get on the computer and every time I did it was just more hard news for the world, which didn’t exactly make me want to get on *more*…. Anyways. Finished three of the books, and returned¬†The Gilded Years¬†without reading as¬†it didn’t grab me and was due back (and not renewable) and I didn’t want to rush try and read it through this weekend. One of these days I’ll do a little book post to, you know, actually post on what I’ve read since I know some of you enjoyed those when I did them in the past.

So. Here I am.

Week 27 3 July through 9 July {185-191}

185 –¬†Every time Z takes a walk he stops and visits with St Francis a few houses down.

186 –¬†On the 4th we went to the beach (note to self: stay home next year). It managed to wipe us all out for the remainder of the day. And part of the next. I totally spaced on the whole “lets do a cookout” thing. So we had hot dogs and hamburgers with no buns, generic bratwurst, and leftover potatoes. No pickles, no potato chips, no corn on the cob… I’ve got a baby, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. The big kids were able to go¬†with my parents to see the fireworks, which they enjoyed.

187 –¬†Kat came outside while I was putting up the laundry and announced that she was ready to go to work with daddy. She had on her “workbooks” “worker pants” (jeans) and “Casa Buena” Shirt and her backpack with miscellaneous necessities. {She didn’t actually go}

188 – Nicholas

189 –¬†Nicholas and the sock monkey. Resemblance?

190 –¬†We had been out in the driveway and Z managed to escape, while I was sitting RIGHT THERE (mostly because I couldn’t run after him because I was holding Nicholas )which ended up in all three of us just scrapping the whole “play outside” thing. All that to say, he was going into meltdown mode because he had to come in. I guess he was just exhausted though because he crawled up on the couch and fell asleep.

191 –¬†Playing out in the driveway – the big kids.


And I got half of it done. Nicholas woke up. He’s been asleep for close to five hours though, so I really should go tend him. And hope he settles back down for the night. Maybe I’ll get this weeks photos up sometime in the coming week. If not, they’ll be here next Saturday!

Real camera photos this week: 0

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