Project 366: Week 28, 29 {192-205}

Week 28 10 July through 16 July {192-198}

192 – Praying before Mass

193 – She has been wanting to give me breakfast (in bed) since Mother’s Day. (She also wanted to do it for Father’s Day…) But each day she woke up and said “oops, I got up too late”. So on this morning she came in while I was sitting on the couch with breakfast. She totally has the whole “presentation” thing down, but she didn’t learn it from me.

194 – Don’t know what’s up with the moths lately. But we’ve had quite a few this summer. But, come to think of it, I haven’t noticed quite so many this past week (this photo was from two weeks ago), so maybe the heat has something to do with them leaving?

195 – First corn-on-th-cob of the season.

196 – Yeah, so one afternoon the kids decided to play “Orcs” in the mud. I think it had rained earlier in the day so mud was abounding.

197 – Drive-through date nights. Alternate caption: Going on dates with a 4 month old.

198 – Nicholas.

Week 29 17 July through 23 July {199-205}

199 – Brothers just playing

200 – We “inherited” these old books from my father-in-law which we keep on the mantle (out of reach of little fingers). Well, Kat took a relatively long nap this day and so was up way after the other kiddos had gone to bed and she asked to see them. She enjoyed looking through them. Pretty sure she couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact that they over two hundred years old. {She kept asking if they were older than me}

201 (and bonus) – Zachary’s first time painting. Not sure he was too impressed with how it tasted.

202 – If the squirrels ever stop eating our grapes we will have a nice little crop in a few weeks. That would be great because I didn’t harvest and last year (or borrow from my dad’s and brother’s unused harvest), so our homemade grape jelly supply has long since run out and I’d love a resupply.

203 – He fell asleep this way. I just…. *sigh*…. 🙂

204 – Papa bought water guns. The kids had a blast from what I heard. (It was their evening to spend with them, so I wasn’t actually there.)

205 – Breakfast at Grandma’s. Doughboys, berries from the farmers market and cheese, all topped with powdered sugar. {If you’re keeping track: yes, the kids are at my parents Friday night, we go home, and we’re back there first thing Saturday morning for breakfast… not sure how that’s happened, but such is the way of things at the moment.}


Guys!!!!! I finished TWO WEEKS worth and it’s Saturday AFTERNOON!!!!! I feel… accomplished? Well, anyways they’re done for this week. Catch you all next weekend!

Real camera photos this week: 5 (between both weeks)

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4 thoughts on “Project 366: Week 28, 29 {192-205}

  1. Love how they will sleep just anywhere at that age. Grape jelly sounds nice, not tried that before.
    My daughter is the same I will babysit 4 of them but the breast fed 4 month old goes with her, I cant quite manage that.
    Over night sounds better than no free time at all.

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