Project 366: Week 30 {206-212}

Week 30 24 July through 30 July {206-212}

206 ~ Shoes I wore to Mass. Katherine found them and begged me to wear them. I bought them years ago for a cousin’s wedding, but haven’t worn them since (I prefer plainer shoes).
207 ~ Pretty Boy
208 ~ Time stamp on this was 07:21 (after they’d been out for a while and I came to see what they had built)
209 ~ Got to visit with Jared’s brother. We found a playground and the kids played as much as they could in the time we were there.
210 ~ Can’t nap unless all the Lego guys are just so
211 ~ A bookshelf built by my brother, for a customer for my dad’s company.
212 ~ Last minute photo for the day. Boy’s getting big, must get that other crib set up pronto….



Real camera photos this week: 2

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4 thoughts on “Project 366: Week 30 {206-212}

  1. Coveting those bookshelves and the house to go with it! Please commend Andrew (was it him?) for his craftsmanship. Actually, I’m content with my own home (esp now the mortgage is paid up), just love the high ceilings and woodwork of what you have there.

    1. I will pass on the compliments to Andrew! This house was extremely huge, coming from the land of big houses. I don’t consider ours tiny and it was soundly dwarfed by this one. This was only ONE bookshelf… there were several others this size. I actually have a post coming *soon* for the company blog, which I’ll try to share here too.

    1. I know! I honestly don’t know if I can even imagine filling those shelves, I mean, I’d like to *think* so… but…. I just don’t know 🙂 Thanks for stopping in!

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