Project 366: Week 38 {262-268}

Hello again 366-ers. According to my posts it’s been eight whole weeks since I last joined this fun linky. I was working my way through this and was thinking how fun it was, and how much I miss just going back through the week and picking photos to share.

Moving forward…

Week 38 18 September to 24 September {262-268}

262 ~ She absolutely LOVES holding him.
263 ~ {Skipped, totally accidentally of course}
264 ~ They didn’t exactly say anything, but I think they were kinda wanting to join the ballet class too.
265 ~ Playing at “getting stuck under the bed”, during which time Baby N can actually move about and Miss K really does get stuck.
266 ~ Learning to read. We’ve been off and on starting and stopping the past month or so, but we got on a bit of a roll this past week and he seems to be picking things up quickly. (He managed to figure out quite a bit on his own before I even attempted formal teaching, so with a little direction he’s getting the hang of things quickly.)
267 ~ This is Z. He started reading books like this a few days ago.
268 ~ We had our yearly epic double birthday party for John. and Miss K. J’s birthday was yesterday (Hello 6!) and Kat’s is next week (*gulp* 7…).


Real camera photos this week: 1

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8 thoughts on “Project 366: Week 38 {262-268}

    1. The birthdays and presents have been thoroughly enjoyed, and now I’m birthday-d out.
      All my kids definitely prefer being read to. I try and comply as much as possible, but I still try to encourage reading to themselves for practice a little bit each day

  1. Love your cake, looks brilliant. Happy belated birthday. Think reading is often a slow process, but glad he is making some headway.
    Nice that they like holding her, love how older siblings interact with the younger ones. great picture under the bed.

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