Five Minute Friday: Listen

I am wanting to maybe try a little more actual… you know… writing on the blog. So I decided to give this a try. It’s my first time doing it, although I’ve been seeing it around for years now. 

I did write this yesterday (Friday), but I wrote it in my journal with an actual pen. Never got a chance to get on the computer so, here we go….


I sit here, 7:08 AM. Listening. Relishing the quiet pitter patter of a slightly sick nearly 2 year old who’s been off and on awake all night… but still happy. I sit here listening to the birds tweeting through the window, which is letting in cool refreshing air. Not much longer now, it’ll be fall and that window will close.

Time keeps passing. It doesn’t stay still. Tomorrow he won’t be so sick. Tomorrow the window may be closed. Let me try to remain in this moment. Right here. Right now.

I am trying so much, maybe not to enjoy -that the toddler was sick in my bed all night-, but to appreciate these moments in life. Because I know they aren’t guaranteed to last. This time of life is but a moment and I’ll be honest, its hard.. really hard, I know when the kids get a little bit older it’ll be easier in a lot of ways, and I’m looking forward to that. But these are still beautiful moments right here. Right now. A toddler happily twittering and jabbering… Birds through a soon-to-be closed window. All available if I only just listen.

Back to School Photos // Siblings {September}

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Every year I like to take “Back to School”/”First Day of School” photos of the kids. I just have a few requirements…


That they be their normal everyday selves.
(which usually means… they’re dirty)


They have to line up along the back wall of the house.

From years past…

from our "first day of school" photos


back to school


Do these kids look like they could sit in a classroom?!?
Do these kids look like they could sit in a classroom?!?

2013- 2014

{BTW, we didn’t really even attempt any sit-down bookwork until last year, so all the previous years were just for fun}

I also like to take individual photos of the kids

I’ve had plans now to write up a little of what we’re doing for school, but, I’ve been pulling the “lazy summer” thing for this here blog (yes, I know it’s September and the weather is barely qualifying as summer anymore). Anyway, perhaps I’ll jot down some thoughts in the next week.


{This post is part of an ongoing project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Intro’s here}

The Me and Mine Project

Tidbits from August


Still hooking away at that Star Wars blanket. I won’t finish in time for Johny’s birthday :(. But he’s still excited it’s for him :). Yes, I know, birthday presents are supposed to be a surprise, but we can’t seem to keep those secret ’round here.


So many things. I was caught up on all my library holds, then I got four in the space of two days…

But, let’s see in August, I finished

  1. Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave. Thoroughly enjoyed. Loved the writing. WWII setting. 
  2. The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani. Kinda blah. Liked the beginning set in Italy, lots of detail, and then just felt so rushed during the second half of the book.
  3. Lab Girl by Hope Jaren. Science-y Memoir. Loved. Really, it’s not so sciency-y that you can’t understand, but,I found it totally fascinating. 
  4. Climbing the Mango Trees… by Madhur Jaffrey. Memoir. Again, kinda blah. It was somewhat interesting, but the story didn’t really go anywhere, so… meh…
  5. The awakening of miss prim by Natalia Sanmartin Fenollera. Loved. Like. Ohmygoodness. Yes. I’d have to go review my pages of notes to get a good idea what to say, but this post is already getting longish. 
  6. The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. Ok. Great book. But I think I got myself just a little bit too emotionally involved, which is nothing against the book, but I spent a few days in a really bad mood because I was upset at a lot of the situations in the story. (It touch a couple of triggers for me).
  7. Still Life by Louise Penny. Another good one. A murder mystery, but really about life. Wanting to continue the series. 

{And that should have just been it’s own blog post…}


Same old stuff it feels like. Made spaghetti and meatballs with my own pasta sauce (since I forgot to buy any at the store). Flavor was good, but texture was way off… oh well.

Anyone have any favorite recipes they want to send my way? Must be simple to make, not take a ton of time (bake for three hours is fine, spend two hours in the kitchen putting it together, not fine), and use everyday ingredients.:)

Looking forward to…

Well Read Mom for this year, my first year. Doing it on my own, any of my readers do this?

Next weekend…Jared and I are spending a few days away for our anniversary (almost managed to have Nicholas stay with my parents,but the child refuses a bottle/formula, so… he’ll be tagging along)


Prisma app. Turns your photos into paintings. It’s been a fun one to play with. Kids have enjoyed it too! Wood love to try out the Brushstroke app, but don’t love the idea of $4.99…


Well, excited really, to have officially received our “homeschool letter of approval”

Now, more pondering how I’m going to actually implement it for the remainder of the year. 

Working On… 

Homeschool, reading, star wars blanket, life.