Outdoors in the rain

We had a rainy day last week. I know, big deal. It rains. We need it. But, honestly I rarely let the kids go outside in it. Not so much because I’m concerned about them getting sick by being out in the weather (I don’t really buy into that particle notion, but moving on…), but more for the mess factor. And the fact that if I let them go out, there’s more chance that I have to go out and I don’t really find that all enjoyable.

But, anyways, the link up this post is linked to is hosted by a woman in England. Where it rains. Frequently. And I notice when I look through other linked posts, there are ALWAYS some that show kids going for walks in the rain. So….. I figure if they can go for walks in the rain, we can go for walks in the rain.

This was during our 24-hour “vacation” over the weekend. The walk was made more fun by umbrellas I think, especially the brand new one Kat received for her birthday a few weeks back. I mean, what better way to break it in than a nice rainy walk on the beach?

We also were able to watch the crazy surfers. And attempt not to slip and fall in the mud on the path down to the beach – no one did to my recollection.

There was only a minor catastrophe while walking back the wind was getting a bit more intense and Johny managed to have his umbrella flip inside out and catch his finger in the process (it was mostly a pinch, but he’s my sensitive guy). Switching umbrellas, promises of a warm fire, cozy blankets and board games brought the world back to rights.

Nicki did great, although he was a little confused.

I’d have to say overall a success. Although I am partial to beaches in almost any weather. And if I can procure some more rain appropriate clothing I think we’ll be all set! 🙂


Country Kids

14 thoughts on “Outdoors in the rain

  1. We live in Wales (England’a little cousin/next door neighbour) and I’m pretty certain we get even more rain than they do. So, as you say, we’re out in all weathers. It’s a necessity haha. I love your new philosophy on it and your photos are beautiful.
    Potty Adventures

  2. From your (sort of) English auntie — it doesn’t rain as much in England as you might think: average is about 35 inches annually, which is ‘nothing’ compared to the rain forest where I grew up, and a lot of it is very light by those standards. The main thing is we do so much more on foot so one has to be out it in it when it happens.

    It took me a while to accept I needed to invest in proper gear, especially an ‘everything-proof’ jacket, as often in winter it’s too windy for an umbrella, so a hood is essential. Especially when pushing a buggy/stroller or walking home carrying shopping. When the kids were little and I was doing school ‘runs’ (on foot) 2x daily, it was very rare we got totally soaked, enough to have to change on getting home.

    I do now have enough walking gear that is water resistant to be able to go walking in wet weather, so I am becoming more hardy!

    Top tip: angle the umbrella towards the wind like a shield and it’s less likely to turn inside out.

  3. It’s great to see you braved the rain for some fab beach fun, I love going to the beach in the rain it has such dramatic scenery at that time of year. I’m so pleased to see you’ve been inspired by some of the #CountryKids activities, I bet your kids thought it was a real adventure exploring the beach in the rain. I love the brightly coloured umbrellas against the grey skies, they make for wonderful photographs!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  4. Ah, you’re correct, here in the UK we love a good rainy walk. We have had a lovely, dry autumn so far though, so there hasn’t been much call for it. The bright umbrella against a dreary, grey background makes for some stunning photos! #CountryKids

  5. How great that Country Kids inspired you to take the kids for a rainy walk. My son and I love to take walks in the rain (as long as there is no lightning). Looks like you found a fun way to spend a rainy day.

  6. I love jumping around in muddy puddles, but my mummy isn’t a massive fun of drizzly rain either. Love the rainbow umbrella! Its nice to return home after a good cold walk and warm up indoors xx #CountryKids

  7. We love to get outside and if it is raining then we go anyway!! It’s normally just a drizzle though and completely acceptable to go out in drizzle. Hail and downpours are different though! Glad you had a gun walk 😀 #countrykids

  8. Hi I’m over from Country Kids.I’m in England, where it isn’t that rainy really.We do get out in all weathers as it can be the best thing when you have squabbling kids.I hope it means you’ll give rainy walks another go.

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