No school this week (QTs #31)


No school this week

There were several reasons for this, but mainly I realized that we were going to have a few too many doctors visits this week, and days when there are doctors visits always mean school is kinda hit or miss. So, I’d like to think I have excellent planning skills and arranged this all to nicely coincide with the holiday on Monday… but… I don’t. All coincidence.

I did however notice that other homeschoolers are taking this week off too (pure chance). And I think I like the reasoning behind this, do six weeks of school, take one week off. Now, I don’t school year round.. well… not intentionally anyway, but I still think this schedule would work well for us.

Mini (mini) vacation

We went away Sunday and Monday. (A few photos of our walk in the rain). It was fun. I tried my hand at Instagram Live… but that idea faltered once I realized we were out of cell phone service (and internet)… So…. yeah, that’s where we were 🙂

But the kids also got to fly their kites which they have been anxiously waiting to do ever since they received them, oh…. six months ago?


Doctors Appointments

I had a routine ultrasound on my thyroid (you’ll all be glad to know every thing came back with no change, which boils down to little concern for anything cancerous to be happening – always a good thing!)

Kat and Johny’s annual physical. They’re healthy. And growing. 🙂


Nicki turned 7 months this week too!14714802_10157519066585627_322769073644610387_o

He’s currently perfecting:

Chewing on Cords to the Point of Breaking

Mommy is still trying to figure out how it’s been seven months. Like, for real guys, I still think it’s the beginning of 2016. It still feels weird to be writing 2016 on my checks…


I’ve been slowly starting on working on cleaning/organizing a space for myself to have an office in the basement. This week I managed to get a few things tossed out courtesy of our friendly neighborhood curbside removal service.

I have ideas folks. But, the implementation is slow.

Working on the company blog

I’ve been logging some serious (for me) computer time trying to figure out how to move websites around for my dad’s company’s blog (which I “manage”).

This is what my brain feels like after I do that

dUyjod038*3&@2)00(4-keweoid9245n13dc%k*djwiq2 !#$$ 9fdjaoknc8ejq0xl9(&4212jdnnnw….

But, I *think* I’ve got it figured out now (famous last words, right?), so just waiting on authorization to make the actual move. 😉

Projects still waiting to be done during this week “off”

Hang windows shades in the big boys room, and Katherine’s room.
Work on the next square of Johny’s unending Star Wars afghan.
Plant more garlic.
Put away excess boxes of kids clothes

Good thing tomorrow is Saturday!


Linking up with Kelly. Happy Weekend to all!