Siblings {October}

I made the effort in the last few weeks, and it paid off!

Six (6) photos of The Siblings for you folks {or as we tell the kids when trying to get them to cooperate “look at the camera so we can send this to Grandmama” (who lives two days drive from us)}.

Top to Bottom

~ Kids all leaving {at the same time}. What I especially love about this photo is Kat has Nicholas! She then proceeded to carry him out to the car, which left my hands totally free for locking up. Big kids guys! They can do big things for mamas! 🙂

~ Attempted line up shot. Z was not interested. And once he saw the camera come out he immediately tried to get down to see the picture.

~ All the boys in the wagon…

~ Panned shot of the doctor’s office waiting room, where I managed all five for a few minutes before my mom came for back up.

~ Flying kites with Grandma and Papa. (All five are there… Promise.)

~ At the beach house.

Flash back to last summer at the same beach house (different part of the porch).


{This post is part of an ongoing project to take at least one photo a month of them all together. Intro’s here}

The Me and Mine Project

One thought on “Siblings {October}

  1. This great-grandma also appreciated the photos!. Tell the kids thank you for me.

    I love the first one, the black and white. Having visited you, I can just picture them at the back door of your house. Also in the back yard. The doctor’s office is cute, too, especially seeing Katherine reading in contrast to the boys playing.

    Love, Grandma

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