JEI: {lack of} sports edition

I feel like I spent ALL of October doing stuff. OR rather stuff other than my normal blog a few pictures every week and read ALL the books I had intended (planning to do a monthly recap type post *soon*).

But in the mean time, I’m joining in with the JEI posts again. {They go live tomorrow, so I’ll post the links then!}

Questions this week are all related to Sports and Exercise (If you know me, you can go ahead and laugh, that’s ok)

1. What sports do your kids play?

Well….. Does ballet count? Yes/No/Maybe?

Yes? Then Katherine has been doing ballet since early September. The studio is about 10 blocks from the house. Close enough to walk with all the kids if I’m feeling like I have the energy, but sometimes I just drop her off in the van. I think they’re just starting to learn a few more “moves”? (I don’t know the terminology). She loves it, so that’s good.


If “no”, then we don’t actually participate in any organized sports. I’d say the kids are a little on the young side, but actually Johny is 6 and I know baseball/teeball starts that young.

While I’m not totally against having the kids in sports, taking an honest look at the time commitment makes it seem, well, not very doable at our current state.

But, they do play stuff on their own. I mean, we don’t exactly have a field for playing soccer or baseball. But they’ll *try* to play catch with a football. And I’ve seen them improvise games of football, golf, frisbee….
2. What do you do for exercise?


No, seriously. I don’t exercise. I probably should. But I don’t.

I tried to do the step counter thing on my phone (side note: I literally JUST found out that the phone has a built in step-tracker!).

But… I ran into a few problems.

  1. You have to actually carry your phone on your person (I know, right?!?) for it to work. I have been *trying* to not actually carry my phone all day long, because then I’m way more likely to just pick it up and get lost in FB land when I need to be doing something else… like… homeschooling the kids…
  2. Because I don’t regularly carry my phone in my pocket, I pretty consistently ended up with low step counts (like, 1800/day), so that was discouraging because I thought I would have had a lot more. But, even when I did manage to carry my phone, I only made it in the high 3000s… so….
there’s a football… so that counts as sports 😀

3. In the Mom Olympics, what would your event be?

  • Grabbing toddlers before they run off
  • Sweeping foreign objects out of newly crawling babies’ mouths
  • Throwing a soft plastic ball just so that it passes through the lattice (and thrills a toddler)
  • Taking pictures 🙂
{this is The Toddler, just in case anyone needs any clarification}


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One thought on “JEI: {lack of} sports edition

  1. Our answers are practically identical! I’ve thought about getting a pedometer (I don’t have a smart-phone) but decided it might be better just not to know. 🙂

    The friends I had in high school who did ballet walked with such good posture and grace. And it lasted even after they quit ballet. Even today I see someone occasionally and think, “I bet she did dance.” That’s a gift that Katherine will have from her dance! It’s almost enough to make me sign up my girls…

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