Watching the birds, in which I do not actually have a picture of “bird watching”

first we had to make it out of our own yard... leaves are such fascinating things
first we had to make it out of our own yard… leaves are such fascinating things

Last week, or, well.. hold on… let me think…. Friday after Thanksgiving, so two weeks ago (?), anyway, recently Zachary was bouncing off the walls. I mean, almost literally. He has had super crazy amounts of energy since everyone left after Thanksgiving dinner. So this particular Friday I took him out for a little walk around the block. I thought it would help burn off some energy (it didn’t).

Regardless, we wandered around, climbed the curbs, looked in on people working in their gardens, jumped off steps, and saw the birds.

must be like the big kids and walk along the fences
must be like the big kids and walk along the fences

I wished I could have captured that moment on photo – the birds. He was SO captivated by them. I didn’t get a chance to. It passed so quickly before he was on to something else. I was a little bummed for a second, before I realized that it’s OK. I don’t need to capture everything. Sometimes I think I just need to observe. I need to just see the wonder in my child’s face. Or be amazed at birds in flight… Just. Because.

Fast forward a few days and I broke my phone (it was already on its way out, but I pretty solidly completed its journey). And that caused me to not be able to carry my pocket camera with me (hello glass shards) and snap photos of every single tiny thing that caught my interest. Again, I pretty clearly heard God saying “give it up, you don’t need to document it, you just need to pay attention WITHOUT your phone”.

so long big tree
so long big tree

I’ve remedied the phone situation, and then I found myself with a new dilemma. To allow FB back onto my phone. Now, I know my tendency with having FB accessible, I will scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll…. I’ll ignore tasks that need doing; I’ll spend “just three more minutes” only to get off twenty-seven minutes later. So I’ve decided for the time being to not allow it’s presence anywhere on my phone. Which means, I’m not even linking my other social accounts (mainly just Instagram) to it. {I may reevaluate after Christmas, but we’ll see when the time comes.}

The first day or two was really hard. I was literally anxious about it. But… then… it eased up. You could say, I {sorta} got used to not checking in all the time. I still like to check in, but as I have no option but to use the real computer, which is “harder” to get on, it’s just not as big of an issue. (Because, I can’t actually scroll FB mindlessly on my computer. I just can’t. Doesn’t work for me.)

jumping (he's recently started counting himself down - super cute!)
(he’s recently started counting himself down – super cute!)

So, all that long-windedness to say that while this Advent isn’t going exactly how I thought it would, I am kind of glad that I’ve gotten some pretty clear nudges to take a few steps back… To enjoy reading books with my kids and not worry about having my phone within arms reach… To go to the park and actually leave my phone in the car… Yes, there are times I’d like to remember, but I may just have to stop and to watch the birds and keep the memories in my heart.

someone's flowers
someone’s flowers


Since I’m not planning to be posting my pictures to FB and I know I’ve got family who follow me there especially for the purpose of seeing the kids, I’m going to make an effort to start putting my “weekly photo’s” posts back up. So, you can look for those, hopefully on Saturdays. 🙂


thinks he will be helping
thinks he will be helping


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