Project 366: Week {almost the last of the year…}

Honestly guys, I don’t know what we did this week. I mean, I know that’s a cliche and all, but I truly have NO IDEA where all the time went. I can’t remember doing much out of the ordinary. We did regular school work, and regular ballet and religious ed. But, really… No idea…. Oh well, at least I have pictures that show random moments of the days during the week 🙂

1 – Katherine. We did our St Lucia Feast Day celebration: dress up and sweet bread… two days early (this, maybe, should have been my hint that *something* was off for the week)
2 – We received this in the mail. Apparently Katherine, all by herself, signed up for a magazine subscription, and they were needing to collect payment for it…
What am I going to do once she figures out credit cards???? Hope she’s not smart enough to get passed the computer password I guess.
3 – Baby Boy turned 9 months!!! ??? !!!
4 – We DID manage to put up lights around the house.
5 – Both Z and Nicki have had some yucky colds. Not what I would call super “bad”, but… so. much. snot…. EVERYWHERE.
6 – One of my birthday presents from Katherine. Artificial poinsettias, that she picked out special on their shopping trip.
I don’t do much crafting with flowers, but, she was SO happy and excited to give this. I was literally crying because of the joy she had.
Side note: Now that I think of it, I do actually have a wreath that I could use these on. Maybe make a nice special Christmas/Winter wreath.
7 – My Birthday!!! We got our Christmas Tree (not these pictured, but these were just so cute with their red bows and snow). Also, it snowed, then rained, and I stayed curled up on the couch as much as possible just reading a book.



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