Quick Takes: Summer 2017 check in

Jared has packed up the kiddos and taken them to the park this AM. Which leaves me with an undetermined amount of time to do…. something…. ? I don’t know about you, but anytime I find myself with a few unexpected minutes in the middle of the day, I can never think of what would be the BEST thing to do sans kids. Something productive? Laundry? Picture editing?

Well, anyways, here we are.

How’s about a few quick takes since I’ve been meaning to do this for a few weeks now.

Baby X. is doing well. Measuring right on as of last appointment. I’m feeling some discomfort, but not anywhere near as bad as with Nicholas, so that’s a plus. I am however, ready to be done being pregnant. But, I have had a few NICU babies, and those are not fun either, so I think I’ll grit my teeth and deal with the last 7-ish weeks.

Speaking of baby. I mentioned on FB a few weeks ago that I’ve had requests for things that we need. Mostly I’m finding that we just need some things updated. So, I made a small registry on Amazon. (Link is here or I think you can search my name?).

We have plans to officially start our homeschool next week. Normally I wouldn’t start this early, but on account of X. coming near the beginning of October, I wanted to be sure and get in six weeks of school before he comes. Then we’ll be taking off for a few weeks, maybe four? I think that worked well when Nicki was born.

Katherine will be starting 3rd, Johny will be finishing up 1st, starting 2nd, with the goal of reaching 3rd grade level by next year. Karl wants to be doing school, so I found a few workbooks that he’ll do as long as interest permits. I’d love to teach him how to read, but everytime I try to start that he looses interest and/or gets frustrated by the sounds, so…. I think we’ll wait a few more months to try again.

Our plans in a nutshell include using the Charlotte Mason curriculum at Mater Amabilis as our base. A few substitutions here and there. We’ll be doing Connecting With History/RC History (Volume 1- ancient world) for our “Ancient History” portion. Saxon for Math, because of course, what else? 😉 And we’ll probably end up skipping the foreign language portion (although Kat is currently super interested in saying words in Spanish, French, and German…???) And a very dubbed down Art and Music “study” – by that I mean, it’ll happen if it happens, using whatever material I have on hand.

And, total side note, my state doesn’t require me to teach Science in any form at any level (that I can tell). Is that normal?


We’ve had precious few “pool” days this summer (or so it seems). We’ll have a random hot or humid day, but they haven’t exactly been the norm. I’d still love to try and make it to an actual beach, since, you know we do live fairly close. But, that requires at least one more adult and a bit more planning than “just go turn on the hose and jump in the water”. So we’ll see. Hopefully.

What else this summer?
Katherine did a short ballet summer session. It was with her regular teacher from last season. She really enjoys it. From what I’ve been told (I, honestly, am no expert), she’s been doing well and improving. Thanks mom and dad for funding this expedition!

We’ve all been doing tons of reading. I currently have too many books checked out from the library, and I’m not sure I’ll actually finish them before they’re due.
Katherine just checked out 21 books. There were a few picture books, but the majority were chapter books. She’s been blowing through books now at least since the beginning of the year. Having a hard time keeping her in things to read.
{Any suggestions you have would be much appreciated!}

Johny also has picked up his reading ability. It may have been in part due to the reward of a book of his choice if he finished a certain number. So he worked really hard to do that. Then they figured out they could get prizes from the library if they completed certain summer reading goals, so he’s been working towards getting his paper filled in for that as well (by reading). I was having him read all the books out loud to me, but he started picking them up on his own. Honestly, I’m glad for that. Not that I don’t want to listen to him reading, however I could tell he was able to move on to slightly longer books, but he was hesitant (I feel like he has a slight “fear of failure”, like, if he doesn’t think he can do it, he won’t even try). So, I’m glad he’s moved over that bump. 🙂

Ok, how bout some pictures? Since I know some of the grandmas and other family aren’t on instagram (where I post the majority of my pictures).

{Also, I’ve tried to link my IG and FB accounts and they just won’t stay linked. Any thoughts?}

There are a few captions if you click through the pictures.


Happy rest of your weekend!
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