Baby “Saber”

I noticed that there have been many views on the blog’s FB page in recent days. My guess is folks are looking for any news regarding Baby “Saber”….

I’ll try to keep the gory details out, but, it’s a birth story so…. read at your own will.

tl;dr version:
Name: Xavier Alexander, nicknamed Saber
Born on September 22, 10:38 PM
Stats: 7lbs 15oz, 21”

1 week +1 day

So, first things first. Lets start with a little background leading up to the birth.

It felt like we had a lot of “LIFE” happen this summer, in the second half especially. It wasn’t all bad, but there were definitely some crazy/stressful things. In a nutshell, my MIL moved in with us (Jared and I went to down to Georgia to get her, road trip style when I was about 34 weeks along). Stressful family stuff came up back there a few weeks later, so MIL decided to return.

After that, I had some shortness of breath combined with dizziness. Dr. Google suggested I contact my provider and see what was up. So I did. The same day I called them, I had some sort of episode where I couldn’t really see out of half of either eye. I freaked out a little (because I’ve had eye issues in the past), ended up at ER on Monday (the 18th) and just finally got really overwhelmed with…. everything…

I had a follow-up MRI on Friday…. but…. apparently I’m severely claustrophobic, and after approximately 45 seconds in the machine, I wanted out and pretty much we all came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t be able to complete the scan. {Total side note: we’re going to let the scan go for now, and just see if any more episodes happen, and if not, then we won’t worry about it.}

So by the time I got to my midwife appointment that afternoon (at 1:00 PM), I told her I’d had enough, due to all of the above, and normal end of pregnancy discomfort, and I was done being pregnant. She couldn’t offer me an induction because I wasn’t 39 weeks, but I asked if she could strip my membranes to see if that could start things moving. I was measuring about 4cm at this point, although my cervix was still a bit long.

Went home and was basically just waiting for contractions to start getting more regular. They were getting a little stronger, but nowhere near regular. I made it through the afternoon and managed to get some food on the table, all while having inconsistent but just slightly stronger contractions. In my mind, for some reason, I kept thinking “I just have to make it till 7:00 PM, when I can get the little ones to bed, then till 8:00 PM when mom and dad should be done having dinner with their company” (they were going to watch the kids).

I got Nicki to bed by 7:00 or so, and contractions were picking up in frequency, but were still not regular, so I was having a hard time timing them. I folded some laundry, and tried to tidy up our room a little. Katherine was kinda hanging around chattering on about whatever crossed her mind. I did finally ask her if she could go to bed because I was needing some space. (I kinda like to labor alone.) So she went. Z went to bed. It was getting closer to 8:00; I was messaging one of my sisters-in-law; and I decided somewhere in there, I was going to try to lay down and rest. This was 8:06. (Don’t know why I remembered the time…).

Between 8:06 and 8:28 I had three contractions, roughly 10 minutes apart, but kinda painful. So I got up to try to walk them off. Folded and put away some more laundry all while contracting. They were getting painful and more frequent, but I could still manage them. A few I had to actually stop and breath through. After a few of those, I decided I needed to call. It was 9:01.

Now, where was Jared through all this? Like I said, I like to labor alone for the most part. And he had planned something on his game (like days before), and he was doing that, this is online gaming with headsets and groups of people. He did come and check in on me at least once in the 8:00 hour, and I told him things were looking like they were picking up, but thought it would be fine for a while, especially since my last two labors were about 12 hours (and even the two previous to those were 5 hours).

Anyway. Midwife called me back pretty quickly. She thought because I had further apart contractions (at 8:00) while laying down that it wasn’t real actual labor, so I was advised to drink a big glass of water and lay down for an hour (the end of the hour was supposed to be about 10:30) and see if they remained closer together. I hung up the phone, laid down and had a super, intense, painful contraction. When that was done I said “wow! that one hurt.” A few minutes later I had another one. Then another. Then I started shaking uncontrollably. {Found out later, that’s actually a sign of being in transition…}. Then the contractions started feeling like there was pushing involved and not voluntarily by me.

I had been texting mom starting about 9:00, letting her know what was going on. Then telling her I was supposed to wait for an hour, but felt like I needed to go in sooner. She showed up about 9:40 or 9:45? I started to lose track of time. Jared was getting off the game event (words like “I feel like I’m going to push this baby out right now” get things moving). Mom helped me through a few more contractions by putting counter pressure on my lower back/ Jared was getting dressed and getting ready to go. I was starting to get really impatient, anxious to be going.

Jared said later that the car clock said 10:02 when we left. I imagine we were at the hospital by 10:08? (We live close). That was an excruciating ride. My bladder was full and baby felt like he was pushing and it was everything I could do to hold everything in.

I remember blowing past security. And basically demanding that the check in nurse get me to a room ASAP because I was going to have the baby. That flustered her a bit. She couldn’t seem to figure out how to order up a room on demand.

We got a triage room. Nurse tried to get me to undress and get on the monitor (why  at that point, I don’t know). That took a few contractions. She was also flustered. {Jared said later it felt like she wanted to stop everything so she could figure out what to do – I guess they don’t deal specifically with delivery down there…} I kept wanting water, but she wouldn’t give it to me. They managed to get a doctor in relatively quickly to check me. I was at 10cm with a bulging (water) sac. I was still demanding water, still contracting, and still trying to hold everything in. They were discussing whether to move me or not, because they didn’t want me to deliver in the elevator. Honestly by that point I didn’t care if they moved me or not. I was at the hospital and on a bed so that’s what I cared about. I mean, I did want an epidural, but once the doctor said 10cm I knew there was no way that would happen. They moved me. A short, excruciating ride later, I got to the delivery room, dragged/pulled myself from the triage bed to the room bed, looked at the clock, it said 10:32.

I guess midwife showed up a minute or two later. She offered to break the water bag, I don’t even remember what I said – I wasn’t thinking really at all by then. I do know the water broke at 10:35 because I heard the nurses talking over it later. I was given the go ahead to push whenever I wanted. They weren’t going to direct anything. No one held my legs or anything, I just held/squeezed Jared’s hand. I still wanted water so they went to get me some and I almost panicked when they said they had to leave the room to get it (I felt I was almost choking, my throat was so dry). But I got a tiny sip of water and started pushing. I don’t know how many pushes, maybe four? (I do remember coherently thinking that I didn’t actually want to push him out, I did still want the epidural…) but at 10:38 PM Xavier Alexander was born.

I’d like to refer to it as my “Hollywood birth” – minus the dramatic gushing of water to start things off.

A few other things I learned about myself… Apparently the reason the midwife didn’t say to come in when I first called was because I sounded “so calm on the phone”. And Jared was basically thinking the same thing. So…. I guess I need to work on my verbalizing skills ;).

As with all the other boys’ births, I didn’t have any tearing. I did have a little hemorrhaging, but a shot of pitocin and a quick “clean up” of the uterus by the midwife took care of that.

It happened so fast, that at 11:00 I was still not even sure how it had happened like it did. I also remember thinking something along the lines of “well, now that that’s done, what are we gonna do for the rest of the night?” Up until we were leaving for the hospital, I really had expected it to take a few more hours after we arrived.

I had tested positive for GBS during pregnancy. But, I didn’t receive any antibiotics during delivery (go figure, huh?) so we had to stay most of 48 hours to make sure Xavier didn’t contract some form of meningitis. But, he was good, and we had an otherwise dull and uneventful hospital stay, and were able to come home on Sunday night.

Some pictures of the big kids visit

3 thoughts on “Baby “Saber”

  1. Thank you for writing. I had been thinking of you and praying, knowing that you were getting close to your date and that you needed to be delivered. Since I haven’t been doing FB lately, I didn’t know about the birth until Elizabeth called me a few days later.

    Glad it’s over and all is well.

    Love to all, Grandma

    P.S. I try to pray for you every day and include Jared and the kids.


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