Outdoors in the mud

{Just a little post to share some pictures}CK- In the Mud (1 of 11)

… But first! look at the airplane…

We had some lovely snow a few weeks back. It’s all but gone now, which has led to…


CK- In the Mud (2 of 11)

They don’t mind though.

I’m honestly glad they enjoy being outside so often.

A few weeks ago after watching some college football with daddy, Johny was literally running circles inside the house. I told him he needed to go out and run circles outside. (I peeked out a few minutes later and he was doing it – actual circles around the garden boxes.)

Since then they’ve been jumping at the chance to get out whenever they can. Often times as soon as breakfast is done.

CK- In the Mud (3 of 11)

Even this little guy (although not so much on the coldest mornings). And this morning it was actually quite cold. So after bundling up and heading out, Z came back in a few minutes later stating it was too cold.

But, this particular day (the day with the mud) I don’t know how many different times they headed out. They were absolutely thrilled to be able to squish their boots in the mud and play Frisbee. And the puddles of water here there and everywhere, just perfect for them.

CK- In the Mud (7 of 11)

{and Z… on the left in the picture above… won’t wear his boot now because they’re dirty. Oh, and all the coats still need to be run through the washer before all the Christmas Masses this weekend ;), but I love the mud – or, well, at least their enjoyment and the pictures… so I don’t mind}