2017 ~ an (almost) 12 photo recap

My year in a nutshell… well… I don’t know if I can put it in a nutshell. It was equally forgettable (and maybe a lot just flat out not remembered – thanks pregnancy!) and awesome. So, without further ado…


Karl turned 5. We found out about baby #6. And according to the pictures on my phone we had many days of snow and playing outside in it.


Dragged down by morning sickness, more snow, and a random warm spell in the middle of winter break hence the park meet up with the cousins.


Nicholas turned one and Jared had a birthday as well. Spring started to appear a tiny bit. And I have no recollection of anything else major that happened, although I must have started feeling a bit better from pregnancy sickness.


More outside time, spring popping out in earnest. Kids planted trees with their Papa and also did a work day at the library in honor of earth day. That day was cold and rainy. I do remember that much.


We planted our garden, Katherine had her annual cardiologist appointment (all was good!).. the highlight was (for me) Katherine making her first communion (the post is a few back if you’d like to see more photos). We also found out baby #6 was also boy #5, and my brother joined the Church! A busy month!


The kids discovered driveway soccer, we began work on our porch (it’s still not done), we had a heat wave, our strawberries got ripe (about the only thing that grew in our garden this year) and Katherine had her first ballet recital.


My parents took the kids for am overnight, Jared and I went out for breakfast, and Nicki really started showing us what kind of mischief he was capable of.


Started school 3rd grade for Katherine, combo 1st/2nd for Johny and “anything to keep them happy” with the little kids. Lasted about a week before Jared and I took a road trip to move his mom up here.


School officially on hold for this month. Jared and I celebrated 8 years being married (we managed all of a dinner out, we didn’t even remember to get each other a gift, such was the craziness of this particular month), Baby “Saber” was born (so glad he didn’t wait till October), John turned 7, Katherine turned 8 and Jared’s mom moved back down south.


We managed to get school rolling again (somehow) and actually had a decent month. Also spent copious amounts of time holding Xavier, who was baptized mid-month. Zachary turned 3, and mom, dad, aunts and uncle bailed us out of trick or treating with the big kids.


I posted somewhere, that I think if you have a baby in the fall you should be exempt from having (m)any holiday responsibilities. But, I must have posted that *after* Thanksgiving because we hosted this year. The kids also figured out that they have baptism anniversaries and therefore need an additional afternoon snack event to celebrate. Oh, and hey, my little sister got engaged!!


We. Were. Sick. (ALL MONTH!) (And I’m not even exaggerating). But I turned 32, we did basically no school, celebrated as many feast days as we could, cooked out at the beginning of the month and haven’t gotten above 20 degrees this last week (because the weather is certifiably crazy) and hosted Christmas with my family.

Other random tidbits

* The big boys decided they weren’t cutting their hair, which is why the shaggy manes.

* We spent all fall watching Georgia football and it was really neat to see the kids, but especially Johny get really into it and form a bond with Jared over it (Anxiously waiting the playoff game tomorrow!)

* I finished my book reading year by finishing 58 books. I know I blogged about exactly 0 of them, but maybe that’ll come more frequently next year? One can hope 😉


Posting this now while waiting for the ball to drop. (One and a half hours left, but not sure I’ll make it…)

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