Welcome to our family’s blog, a place where we (Jared, Ruth Anne and kiddos) share thoughts, pictures and more.

We are recent-ish converts to Catholicism (Class of 2013!) and we currently reside in Providence, RI. Jared is a transplant from Georgia, while I, although born in South Carolina, have lived up North since I was 3. For more on “Our Story” head here.


We “homeschool” our kiddos. At this point in time it looks much more like unstructured play preschool. We love books and trips to the library. We try to save money where-ever possible, which leads to such things as DIY cloth diapers, DIY laundry soap and loads of laundry line-dried amongst other things. Personally, I have a coffee addiction and a book-reading addiction (here’s a glimpse at our bookshelves), (and a blog reading addiction) and a strong aversion to cleaning my kitchen.

I also enjoy dabbling in photography (which occasionally frequently shows up on this blog, but I also have a dedicated Photography Blog where I post nearly everyday), sewing, crocheting, and I’m learning to enjoy cooking just a bit more than I used to. 🙂

Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing in a bit of our world!

~Ruth Anne

Katherine born September 2009 (Birth Story Here)1Katherine


John born September 2010 (nope, not a typo… they are 51 weeks apart) (His Birth Story Here)

Karl born January 2012 (Birth Story here)1Karl






Zachary born October 2014 (no “real” birth story, but there is a QuickTakes post with the details)

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