welcome home Baby Zachary

Being held by daddy a few minutes after being born

Well. That was certainly not how we planned to spend the last week and a half… Now it’s time to just pack it away and move forward.

So, some details: Zachary Thomas was born October 23 at 4:35 PM. (On his Uncle Josiah’s birthday), with a  full head of dark hair. He weighed in at 10lbs even. His length was somewhere around 20 3/4″. (I don’t think he was ever measured while we were in the regular nursery/recovery room.) But, big. Just big. I managed to have my natural birth (yay!), with no complications. I will at some point try to write out a more complete birth story, but since we’ve just now arrived home today, I have a few things to put back in order over here before I can park myself in front of a computer for any length of time.

Oct 24 – hanging out in the recovery room

Anyways, Zachary spent a total of eleven days in NICU. He was admitted for shallow breathing combined with a low temp. While there he developed a small need for oxygen. We didn’t ever get a clear cut “____ was wrong with him”, but they think that there must have been a small delay in all his lung bits opening all the way. So, we spent the time waiting to finish the antibiotics (they had diagnosed him as having pneumonia based on the breathing and temp, but both his x-ray and blood culture came back negative) and we spent a further few days seeing how he did off oxygen. Overall, a lot of waiting and watching.

Daddy and the kids

{I think he was just trying to copy his brother John: 1- be born on an uncle’s birthday 2- be born on the 23rd of the month 3- spend some time in NICU (John had 10 days, Zachary had 11)…}

Nov 3 – waiting for the final details to be worked out to go home

That was the situation in a nutshell and I’ve done a lot of glossing over. But it was so incredibly frustrating and hard. Especially having the kids here at home and not being able to be all together. Jared was off work for all of last week due to his foot being too swollen to put on boots (or shoes or even socks), but he was able to take care of stuff here on the home front.

Nov 3 – finally! Taken by our (my) favorite nurse Donna

I’d also like to thank all of you who prayed and offered help, food, etc… it was so appreciated.

So here’s to getting back into our new routine. I don’t have any idea what my blogging schedule will look like. I *hope* to be on once a week or so (at least), but I’m not making any promises.


I have been putting updates on Instagram the most frequently (you can click here to go to my page and follow along if you’d like).






Waiting/”Prepping” for Baby Z {p,h,f,r}

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I thought you all would like to see how we are preparing for Baby Z.’s arrival in approximately 4 weeks and 3 days (maybe sooner if he follows suit with Karl who came a blessed 6 days early).


In the past week I’ve made my way up to the attic to take down the box of smallest baby clothes I have – sized 0-3 mo. since my babies never last more than a few days in the “newborn” clothes. Really, though when the newborn sizes run from 5-8lbs and your kids are repeatedly born at 8+ and occasionally 9+…. there’s really not much of a reason to assume that future babies will be any smaller. So I finally passed on most of my “newborn” stuff. Anyways.


Still teensy-tiny stuff!


Aren’t they just the cutest?! I love baby clothes. Going through this box of stuff really started to make things real and exciting for me. 🙂

I think I should have renamed the category {cute} for this week.


I’ve also been gathering all our cloth diapers and trying to get them washed. What usually happens though is they get washed and then used again because they’re such handy dandy wipers for just about everything.

(Complete side note: a few people have been wondering what I need, and honestly I don’t need much, but I do need some new diaper covers. These are the ones I’m looking at: Thirsties Dup Wrap Snap. So, if anyone is wanting to gift us something, these would be much appreciated 🙂 )


IMG_0538Am posting this as my “happy” entry because I am most happy in clothing that is super duper comfortable. I have only a handful of shirts that cover my entire belly (something that is a *must* in cooler weather). And I think I have exactly one pair of pants that fit comfortably, but they are more like lounge-around-the-house-pants than go-out-pants. So if you happen to stop by to see us on a day where I don’t have to go out, this or something very similar is probably what I’ll be wearing.

I am trying to figure out how to make my summery dresses last into cooler weather because those are my most comfortable clothes at this point.



I can’t quite tell exactly how much the kids “get” what is going on. They seem to know that there’s going to be a baby, but I don’t think they know what that means.

Karl has had a good time driving stuff over my belly…


And talking on the phone to the Baby…


Other than that though, I don’t think they really have a clue.

This morning we somehow got on the subject of how the new baby will be fed… And I’m planning on breastfeeding, so biology lessons for 4-year-olds happening right over here. Although, I neglected to mention to my mother that we had had this little conversation so the kids made a big deal of it while they were with her this morning, apparently. My mom isn’t really one to discuss facts of nature with young children, sorry mom… *does shoulder shrug*.


Moving right along to the sleeping arrangements. Because we all know, we have to put the baby somewhere to sleep. (We don’t co-sleep – just doesn’t work out for us. And we barely “room-in” because… well that just would take up a whole ‘nother post, so…. bottom line, we need a real, semi-permanent place to put the baby to sleep once he arrives.)

This is what we have so far:


This is: Katherine’s room (three steps from our door, so, very close). We feel that since she is currently not sharing a room it will be easier to fit another bed in there rather than the boy’s room. Also, she’s a lot quieter when she goes to bed and she’s a really deep sleeper, so I don’t think we’re in danger of either of them waking the other up.
Please note on the left: patch of pealing paint/wallpaper/etc
Please note on the right: very much not put together crib, that may or may not be missing a piece since I planned so wonderfully to bring the crib from the attic weeks ago. Which has lead to the railings and pieces becoming play things. Oops. And the only directions we had for putting it together (which happened to only have the Spanish part left) are gone. So….. I dunno.


The patch of peeling stuff was intentionally made bigger so as to fix. And was partially finished today. The plan is to have it done tomorrow. And then at some point, before the baby’s arrival of course, we’ll be painting the entire room a nice light pink.

 I think that ’bout wraps things up over here for the evening. I’m off to go try to read (again).

~Ruth Anne

7 QT {Baby Z. update edition}

Thought I would go ahead and do a little baby update “Quick Takes”-style, because I haven’t done either of those for a while.

— 1 —

Third Trimester:

We are just this week entering into the third trimester. So far, all five days of it, have been fine. Minimal aches and pains (except those mentioned below). And really other than a slightly-rough first trimester, this pregnancy has been pretty easy, at least on the physical side. I know I tend to get very overly emotional while pregnant, and that has been in full swing. But, that aside, all things have been good.

Here’s to continuing that trend for the next 12+ weeks!

— 2 —

Tests and shots: 

Today at my appointment I did my glucose test. (I’ll have the results early next week.) A few things about that, I know everyone hates, hates, hates to get that particular test, but if you could somehow convince your doctor or midwife to switch to something other than orange-syrup-goo it would probably take some of the gross out of it.

The drink they gave today had the label “Fruit Punch”. And it wasn’t actually even that sweet (I mean, it was definitely sweet enough, but not like the sickly syrup sweet). It’s also served cold, which makes it go down easier.

Before this baby that office had a Sprite-like carbonated drink (also served cold).

So, vote for change. Because the orange goo isn’t all that’s out there.

I also talked them out of giving me the early test (I think at around 15 weeks or something). I guess it’s policy to have women who’ve had a baby over 9lbs (that was John for me) take an early test just to be sure they aren’t showing signs of diabetes, etc… I did that last baby and ended up not passing that test, so I had to sit for the 3-hr test, and then I had to sit for the regular 28-week test…. And Karl was fine, so I told them I wouldn’t be doing it this time.

I also had the least painful Rhogam shot I’ve ever had done. 🙂

 — 3 —

Belly Shot:

Since I haven’t posted one for a while.


I miss having my 5-yr-old photographer to take my pictures. I’m pretty much no-good at belly-selfies and the mirrors we have in the house are either too dirty or too small for pictures.

— 4 —

Aches and Pains:

Like I mentioned above, not too many. I seem to end up with heart burn most days, but it’s not too intense. I also will get uncomfortable when I sit at the office. I tried switching chairs, I’ve tried sitting on pillows, but pretty much if I sit down at the office my leg will start to hurt. I think it might be related to sciatic nerve pain, but it’s not really that intense, so it’s manageable.

— 5 —


Baby Z. is head down already. His bum is up under the right side of my rib cage and his legs/feet are over on the left. Midwife held up her hands for what she felt around his head, and this little guy looks like he’s good sized. Basing it on my other ones though I’m not surprised.

I realize though that this could change if he decides to move. So far though, once my kids are head down, they’ve stayed that way.

— 6 —

Getting the house ready:

I know, it may be a little bit early, but…..

So far we’ve only managed to rearrange Katherine’s room a bit so that we can put the crib there (that was ’bout a month ago).

I attempted to start getting the crib set up today, but once I went and found all the big pieces in the attic and brought them into the bedroom, I couldn’t find any of the hardware…. So, ummmmm…… good thing we started early right? Because I looked in all the places I thought they could possibly be and I didn’t see them.

We’ll continue that tomorrow… or next week… or sometime…

I also realized the complete impossibility of me being able to set up the crib with only the help of six hands under aged five, so it’s probably a good thing I couldn’t even start or I would have just gotten really frustrated.

— 7 —

Kiddos and Baby Z.:

Katherine is getting really excited about Z’s impending arrival. I think the room change and bringing the crib down are definitely helping that. I pulled out a sleeper outfit from the box when we were in the attic and she went all “ooooooohhh, look at the little baby feet! He’s gonna have little baby feet” in a high-pitched voice.

She also loves to feel him at night right before she goes to bed. However Baby Z. doesn’t appear to be awake most days around 7:00PM much to her disappointment. She tries to tell him to “wake up”, but he’s not very compliant.

Karl is a little mixed up ’bout things I think.

For example: the other day I found a video of Katherine from when she was a few months old, Karl was with me while it was playing, he piped up “It’s baby Zachawy Thomas?”

He also came trotting down the stairs on a different day stating “I’m baby Kahwol Zachawy”

And finally he’s taken to answering a good number of questions with “Zachawy Thomas”. Questions such as “where are you going?”

Johnny tries to feel Baby Z. moving, but he gets a little shy about putting his hand on my belly. He does get really excited when he happens to feel a kick.


That’s all for this evening folks. Must get the overtired little ones to bed!

~Ruth Anne

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Q&A with the little ones about the new baby

This idea sprang from asking the kids if they wanted the new baby to be a girl or a boy (we find out next Wednesday, so if you want to guess… leave a comment!). They tend to take any questions or comments about the baby and run off on some hairbrained ideas about what will be and what happens, etc… So, I thought I’d just ask them a few questions to see where they stood on some issues:

A note before I start, I did Katherine in the morning (alone) and Johnny way later in the afternoon. The first question was asked last week at my parents house, but all the rest were asked yesterday.

1. Do you want a boy baby or a girl baby? And if it’s not a boy/girl?
Kat: A girl baby with a pink ribbon. {Follow up}: *in whiny voice* I don’t want a boy baby. Boy babies come after boy birthdays, girl babies come after girl birthdays {see question 6 for her reasoning}
John: A boy one. {Follow up}: A girl gets to feed it. A bot gets to feed it if it’s a boy.
Karl: {He kept changing his mind. After Johnny said “boy” he said “boy” and after Kat said “girl” he said “girl”}

2. How will the baby eat? {Follow up} What will the baby eat?
Kat: you’ll have to feed her and I’ll have to help her get the bottle. When she’s born and we have to go to the library she’ll have to use my car seat, right? {Follow up}: Food, like cereal or peanut butter crunch, but she’ll have to eat little bites. She’ll have to eat biscuits too if she’s born at breakfast times
John: on a highchair. {Follow up}: Food, maybe cereal, cuz he likes cereal
Karl: cereal? cereal {Follow up}: a bed. Me: a bed? Karl: a bench Me: a bench?

3. What will the baby look like?
Kat: she’ll look like this [                               ] {spread her hands apart} big and the feet will be right here {moves hands a little}
John: a high chair. a dirty face, cuz she’ll get all messy
Karl: box?

4. Where will the baby sleep?
Kat: in the crib
John: in a bed
Karl: bed?

5. What will the baby do when he/she’s born?
Kat: play?
John: crawl. {Kat changed her answer at this point and said: No! Have a birthday party}
Karl: born

6. Do you know when the baby will be born?
Kat: {nods head} after my birthday
John: {nods head}
Karl: be born

7. What should we do after the baby’s born?
Kat: make her a crib? {pause} clothes? oh clothes! my clothes. panties, she needs panties
John: she can have a bath, but not a bubble bath
Karl: be born

Bonus 8. Where is the baby now?
Kat: coming out
John: {points to tummy} it’s in there
Karl: {points to head area} mommy baby

Clearly my children are experts in all things baby. 🙂 There were also multiple arguments that went something like

Kat: she John: no, he Kat: no, she John: no, he ………

Like I said above, be sure to leave your guesses or wishes (however it stands) in the comments.

this totally happened during the writing of this post
this totally happened during the writing of this post ~Happy Friday

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