November Reads and BW weekend throwback

summer throwback-2

summer throwback

Because really, we can all use a little reminder of summer once the weather starts turning chillier 🙂 {Plus I just found these photos again today…. so, thought I’d share here}

{Linking these up for Weekend in Black and White}

My very, very short non-diversified list of reads for November…

Delaney: a Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage by Molly Wizenberg
In a nutshell this has two of my favorite components for a fun read: Memoir and Foodie Book.

This continues the story of Molly’s first book (A Homemade Life) a follows the beginnings of Delancy, the restaurant opened by Molly and her husband. A fun read, filled with recipes and real life. 🙂 I think that’s what makes the memoirs good, sharing that life isn’t perfect, but still can be great if you allow it!

Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Food Critic by Ruth Reichl
The author was food critic for the New York Times, and this book chronicles her time spent there. So much fun to read. She literally goes in disguise while she is visiting restaurants for review. She really discovers who she is through these disguises. And her description in writing… oh. my. goodness. I never would have thought that reading two or three pages describing one meal would be fun to read, but I was captivated.


And that’s all I’ve got for the evening. 🙂

little bits and pieces

I suppose I could label this a “Daybook” post, but greatly modified. Because those always have a lot of headings, and take me a lot of time because I feel bound to do EVERY SINGLE ITEM…

So this week, just a few things I wanted to join in on, but didn’t want to jam everybody’s inbox/newsfeed with lots of separate posts.


~Black and White Capture of the Week~


Matt and Zachary. Love their hands together
(BW Photo)
(I shared the color version of this yesterday for the weekly 365 Project)


~Feast of Corpus Christi~


Today turned into one of those Sunday’s where “just showing up” took all the effort. One kiddo ended up sounding so much worse with his hacking cough once we got to church. One fell off a kneeler and was totally embarrassed (and started bawling). Baby was OK as far as babies go, but he’s 7 months, so…. needing to eat, and deciding not to sit with others, and pulling off veils and such (all normal).

Anyway, I can’t remember any of the details of father’s homily, but he focused on “sacrifice” – the Sacrifice that Jesus gives to us every week on the altar. I know that my {very} small scale sacrifice of just being at Mass this morning was nothing compared to Jesus’ sacrifice for us, but it did help me to have a slightly tangible grasp on the enormity of what Jesus went through for us.

WIWS over at Fine Linen and Purple


~Currently Crocheting and other projects~

Just one last thing on the afghan and then I won’t mention it again (until I get it hung up 😉 ) I wrote up a little bit on things I pondered about marriage while working on it ~ right here if you’d like to look.


I did a little bit more work on the doily. I have about one-quarter of this round left then, I have to make the inner ruffle and inner flower in the center.


Need some good listening recommendations while I work on this, so please feel free to leave suggestions (podcasts, radio shows, etc..)

I also picked up a few mending projects this week.

Mom requested a hem for two pairs of work-jeans. She said she would have been charged $12/pair if she took them in somewhere. I figure since she watches my kids pretty often and I don’t pay her, its a fair trade 🙂mending

I also ran a seam through a pair of Katherine’s jammies.

I honestly don’t know why I leave things laying around as long as I do. It literally took me less than a minute to run the seam (actual time to do the project was more like ten minutes though because I had some company who was into things he shouldn’t have been and I had to rethread the needle a few times because my sewing machine is finicky like that, and I had to get up for a few other things… such is life with kiddos)

Also on the mending pile:
~ stuffed bear that Johnny is really attached to
~ converting a bib to a wash cloth
~ a one inch hole on one of my shirts (on a seam so definitely an easy fix)
~ a button for one of Katherine’s sweaters


If you have a stash of sewing/needle/textile projects waiting to be finished, consider joining the fun! Leave a comment here (or over at Saint Affairs) with what you’ve finished recently or are planning to soon. Or if you blog, write up a short post and add it to the link-up!

Link to the link-up in the image! (Over at SaintAffairs)



I’m *only* reading:

Story of a Soul (still)
Gaudy Night – by Dorothy L Sayers

I have great plans this week to write up what I read in May and also share a few fun children’s books we’ve run across in the past few weeks. We shall see folks. We shall see.